Street Fighter V Download (PC, PS4, Android)

download for pc, ps4 or android
Street Fighter V is a fighting simulation, a damn good game. The gameplay mechanics has been completely changed and now it’s much more like the Third Strike, which is more than good. The total number of fighters is sixteen, four of which are new. The newcomers are Rashid, Necall, F.A.N.G. and Laura.

Other characters are old friends: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Vega, Birdie, Nash etc. The design and performance of the characters are great. There are ten in the battlefield and we have only words of praise for them. The graphics just leave it breathless, the gameplay is remarkably optimized and will work quite nicely on middle-class computers.
New and Returning Characters
As far as mechanics are concerned, the fighters still have two bars. EX and V-bar. EX is charging to receive shots, assign them, or perform special moves. EX-bar is used to perform enhanced special moves or for the Critical Art combo. V-Bar can be used for V-Reversal when an opponent attacks you, or V-Trigger is a special move that is unique to each fighter.

Download it here, full version for: PC, PS4 or Android

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Each character has a different V-Skill. Ryu absorbs blows, Rashid rolls, Nash absorbs blows and fills V-Bar and so on. When you squat and tighten capture, your fighter will get up and perform the desired move. In addition, you can no longer kill the opponent through the block, but you must complete it by hitting the block. Exceptions to this rule are only super-strikes.
Highly accessible new battle mechanics
Online mod is well done, and the biggest surprise is support for cross play. Story mode follows the story of each fighter, all the time you will be following the slide show with the story of each fighter. There are basically two to three fights throughout the story. Survival mode is interesting, you fight one round with an AI opponent and at the end of each fight you choose a bonus.

You can strengthen the attack, defend, charge the energy that is normally transferred to the next fight, charge EX or V-bar etc. Versus mode gives you the ability to play in two players, and there is also Training Mode, which is significantly improved compared to the predecessor.
Unique abilities that use the entire V-Gauge
Players will have to use JoyToKey to play on the controllers they are used to, keyboard support is done badly, mate predefined buttons that you can combine, and you can only use them for shocks or movement. There is no possibility of playing on the keyboard and one gamepad unless two gamepads are connected with the computer?!

Here you can download an interesting game, a mix of fighting and RPG.

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