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Stardew Valley promises an interesting escape from urban reality and crowds, curved in cute pixel art graphics and simple gameplay. Stardew Valley puts you in the role of a city boy who has been bored of life in the city and work in the office. At the right time, they inform you that your deceased ancestor left your property in a nearby village.

Your created character will get up early in the morning and be most optimistic about going to sleep at ten o’clock in the afternoon due to overtime. The work of the peasant is difficult, but the moment you first get the fruit of your painstaking work and sell it by putting it in a wooden container that serves as a portal to the market, happiness has no end.
begin your new life
You will collect everything and everything from the fruits that you have grown up to the timber and stones that you collect in the yard. The courtyard is huge in size, and since it has not been owned for a long time, it has grown into plants and trees that you will clean, and then make a super-farm. You have hair, stone crushing hammer, bud for hoeing and shaking.

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All you collect, you will be able to sell, eat, donate to someone or use for quests, hyper-crafting or simply store. You need to water the crops, and you can fence and protect the farm with the use of a scarecrow. You can later do the irrigation system, and especially rain will be especially enjoyable because then you do not need to water the crops.
Armed with hand-me-down tools
Certain crops will be planted only at a certain season, each species has its own maturation period, and the quality of the fruit can be improved by fertilizing the soil. All you can do in inventory can be made or purchased for gold coins. You make purchases in two markets, one of which is a real village store, and another is a mega corporation.

In the abandoned cooperative home, you will find several villages, and since they are extremely peaceful, you will find their souls by collecting certain items. RPG element of the game is reflected above all in the quest and communication with locals and the deepening of relationships that eventually can result in marriage.
Raise animals, grow crops, craft useful machines
Each of your neighbors is a human being with daily routines and a more or less real personality. This segment is particularly prominent during the most important rural events, of which the most important is the Autumn Stardew Valley Festival, where everyone contributes to one big festival and exude the fruits of its work.

In the game you will meet animals that you can grab and blast in the nearby mine against which you will fight. For this purpose, you will also get a sword, exploring the mine will bring you minerals, artifacts and other gems that you will continue to use to develop something …? Stardew Valley simply has the power to, the longer you play, the more you play. There is also the improvement of skills with the mentioned tools.
level up in 5 different areas
The more you use the tools, and the skill will grow in proportion to the usage. You can fish, have a pet, or edit your property more carefully than you would with the right courtyard. On the visual side, the graphics also delight.

Pixel graphics are precious and absolutely retro, as far as sound is concerned, the effects themselves are more than excellent, while music is a category for itself, relaxing melodies that do not disturb the atmosphere, but you are further entangled in the narcotic world Stardew Valleya will bump your head and long after the fire.

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