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StarCraft II: The new Covert Ops is the first official DLC in the famous Blizzard strategy series and as such has to meet high expectations. The universe created for the StarCraft series is too rich for Blizzard to leave it for a long time in hibernation.

Thus, a few years after a great deal of clashes with Aemon’s forces, the Sector of Koper was in peace and attempted to restore a part of the devastated during the Great War.
Consisting of nine missions
This short-lived peace is grossly interrupted by the new attacks of Zerg swarms on the terran colonies. The mysterious organization Defenders of Man enters the scene publicly attacking Emperor Valerian Mengsk that he is incapable of providing security to the citizens of Dominion.

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At the same time, a few Ghosts, special operatives with psychiatric abilities, disappear from the Dominion Army without a trace. One of these operatives, Ghost New Terra, wakes up in a secret facility without the exact memory of how she got there.
gone missing in action
The story in which New, the most famous Blizzard character without his own play, is a trail of his kidnapping that puts him in the midst of a clash between Valerian, the Defenders of Man organization and, of course, the Zerg, is quite interesting and unbelieving Blizzard competently through a mixture of missions and in-engine sinematics .

What starts out as a classic Starcraft hero mission quickly turns into a well-known format of the SC2 campaign. There is a mobile operations center where you communicate with NPCs, launch missions, and adjust the equipment used by battles during the battles, or units under its command.
delve into the conspiracy
There are also conventional missions with building a base, raising resources, producing units, and combating more enemies. StarCraft II: The New Covert Ops DLC is almost all the level we expect from Blizzard, but one thing is not yet – the amount of content that has been provided to us.

Namely, the entire new Covert Ops will include nine missions, which should provide about a third of the time provided by the Legacy of the Void campaign. What we get is very nice, but it’s so short that it has a negative impact on the overall impression.

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