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Soviet City is located in an alternative universe where the Communist forces conquered the entire world and sucked all planetary resources, leaving behind a desert. Soviet City uses the usual Sim City template for isometric simulation of city management, with a significantly higher amount of constraints in infrastructure construction.
building and control is essential
The missions are short and time-limited, so you will be able to achieve five-year plans based on Stalin’s reputation. The central building to which everything else is connected is represented by a palace, and equally important are the roads because it is not possible arbitrary construction, but each building must be placed next to a certain road.

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From the available resources there are coal, food, wood, electricity, citizenship documents, propaganda, slaves and fur coats. Buildings used for production, such as the factory and the mine, are connected to the warehouse, and it then connects to the railway station as the main hub for the export of materials, which at the same time represents the primary source of monetary earnings. The initial list of buildings ready for building is expanded by raising the lab, which also allows exploration and application of special techniques.
player takes the role of mayor of the city
Each building, depending on the type and purpose, affects positively or negatively on the scale of terror, it is essential to balance between public order and peace and harassment of the population. If you exaggerate with oppression, there will be a national uprising, and in case you allow citizens to do their best, the dictator will send you to the prison in Sibir.

Of crucial help in such situations is the crematorium in which the corpses of previously killed dissidents are processed in coal or food! As citizens often rebel for no apparent reason and bomb attacks, you can destroy a heavily-built building for a second, so you have to eliminate them or send them to jail.
excessive terror level leads to a rebellion
Terror level rises and decreases arbitrarily without any order and order, tasks and the path to their execution are unclear. One of the characteristics of social order in the Soviet Union was that not every fool could deal with politics, which is a modern world where the laws of political correctness are valid only for one side is evidently lacking.

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