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Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO provides a relaxed approach to offroad racing is the best thing we’ve ever had the opportunity to see. After choosing a front passenger, registering the team and assigning it protective colors, it’s time to buy a four-point target for the weakest division of the competition. Here are available 24 races divided into three auxiliary categories.

Each of them assumes the acquisition of a new car for which it can be freely said that they represent one era, one class of rich history rally. The better you are, the more money you earn, and the points for the popularity list. Moving up allows access to better and more powerful cars.
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You do not have to play the campaign in order, if you have enough money and prestige points, you can drive higher-class races. Participation in the game was taken by 16 manufacturers who gave their consent to the appearance of 56 unique models (rally) of the car. The choice is more than rich, and we liked the most that you can skip the competitions and return them to your liking.

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Customization options almost do not exist, but you can deal with the installation of machines, just like the work of the bubbling parts. The EVO does not rely on a real rally champion, so the authors gave the imagination at will. So it starts with individual races, it continues with the Rally Cross competition, round-robin racing, and there are rides where it’s important to show the art of rapid passage through improvised gates, then fighting to set the fastest time in sectors and so on.
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So we get a pretty dynamic campaign that really keeps our attention at all times. Climbing the ranking list brings special challenges, you drive pre-defined models of cars and if you manage to complete the task you can join their collection.

Nothing can go without driving on a stopwatch, as well as online multiplayer support. The cake on the cake represents the regime – Loeb Experience, from where you have the opportunity to learn more about this great driver from France and go through some important races from his career.
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You never know how the car will behave when you press the Brake key. Sometimes the car stops in place, sometimes sliding like ice below the tire, and not asphalt. The steering control is such that you simply need to get in touch with the vehicle and drive it to the maximum. The thing changes somewhat when the cab view is activated and then the Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO starts to look like a simulation of the ride.

It is much easier to operate the car and guide it. Some snow-covered destinations like Monte Carlo and Sweden leave breathless. The view from the cabin is overviewed and more than usable, in short, the average title is singled out by good modes that are more than interesting.

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