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Rogue Stormers is a 2.5D twin stick shooter that involves separate controls for movement and targeting, and after accessing the action, borrows elements of Metal Slug. In this platform shooter, the goal is the same as in each other, it paves the way through the enemy’s army, break through to the main boss at the end of the level.
If you die, you'll be back at square one
Basic weapons do not have limited ammunition, while significantly more dangerous secondary guns collect by the way and have to cool down after use. Rocket boots will be used to reach higher platforms and avoid enemy cannons. The arsenal of weapons is diverse like: grenade launchers, sticky bombs, rotating bored and portable black hole generator.

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Life will also complicate the terrain obstacles in the form of burnt pipes and mined bridges, although some of them can be turned to your advantage. You start with Universe Brecht, while the other characters, each with different qualities and a unique specimen, are unlocked by crossing individual levels. The unique difference with respect to the usual shooter is the collection of experience points that Stormers gives to a specific RPG note.
play in a unique fashion
If you thought that these points are automatically acquired by the elimination of an opponent, you are cheating because the exp is only in the form of random drop. Get ready for the endless hours of grind that will ultimately be rewarded with the choice between the two random wings that remain available in each new party, but must unlock for each character again.

Loss of a complete arsenal after your opponents kill you and restart from the first level. Rogue Stormers is adorned with colorful animated-style graphics, although the actors are delicate and you can not spot your own cursor in the heat of battle. In co-op mode, all players share the same screen, which is inevitable when playing in the network line, but loses sense when the action moves online. These are similar Rogue-lite games that you can download here.

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