Rise of the Tomb Raider Download (PC, Xbox 360)

game pc, xbox 360 download
Rise of the Tomb Raider is a high-impact action-exploring game, a great achievement worth paying attention to. Lara is leading the way of the myth of the immortal prophet and the messiah who led his persecuted people from the heat of Syria to the cold Siberia, where they built the ancient city of Kites, which in some way hides the mysterious artifact of incredible power.

The Byzantine Empire, the abandoned remnants of the communist era and Orthodox milieu and iconography are intertwined in the game, creating an excellent final atmosphere. This time, the whole story has a strong personal character, because the particular legend is for some reason responsible for the suicide of Lara’s father!
uncovers an ancient mystery
Lara will have to find out what kind of relationship she is with her family friend Anne, as well as a mercenary organization called Trinity. You are going through the Soviet military base and the mining complex, several churches and monasteries where you discover the bundles of audio-recordings, messages and records from several time periods, reflecting events, personalities and procedures related to the region around the mentioned base and the ancient city of Kitesh.

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The design and mechanics of the game remained the same, exploring and wandering around the caves and wilderness of Siberia, exploring two larger and one smaller hub areas, exploring only a dozen temples and tombs that are based on solving certain mechanical puzzles.
treacherous conditions and unstable landscapes
The aforementioned huts are practically wider polygons, which are mainly designed to link the minor, minor levels to which you will be guided by the story, and above all be squeezed with a bunch of bonuses, objects, side challenges and tasks. Hunting of animals for meat and skin, as well as the accumulation of scattered resources are activities that are only for providing materials for the improvement of equipment.

The skill tree now more intensely exudes advancements that are mostly focused on combat, direct or indirect ways of eliminating the enemy. The temples and tombs whose solution rests on the initiation of certain mechanisms or the proper use of surrounding elements and logical thinking are well designed, though generally small in size and easy to solve.
dive underwater to avoid or takedown enemies
The camera focuses and positions each time so that it can point you in which direction you need to move. The graphic layout of the game is much better than the predecessor, with a lot of well-designed and implemented visual effects. The Risea world is extremely detailed and almost photorealistic for moments, especially with regard to the exterior lighting and the unreally beautiful spill of sunshine on certain surfaces of the game.

Frequent sinematics with the faces of protagonists in the foreground are also worth admiration. Rise of the Tomb Raider is an excellent achievement worth the attention it receives.

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