Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Download (PC, PS, Xbox)

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Capcom’s decision to revitalize the Resident Evil Zero series for the second time is likely to be among the best moves in their decades-long career. Zero in the title is primarily a chronological determinant. This means that we will be served events here temporarily located before the first part.

Umbrella Corporation, in laboratory conditions, developed a virus that would create zombies for animals and humans, and that a member of special forces (or a reluctant hero drowned without questions in the danger zone) would always be found to solve the issue of over-aggression of laboratory test subjects by lead.
Discover the truth behind
The series adorns a large number of riddles that neither the publishers of some of the adventures will ever be afraid of. Resident Evil will not was what it is without these problems: piano compositions that open secret passages, electrical connections on switchboards, fuses, levers, switches I etc.

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In the mountains above Raccoon City, a stormy night breaks through a crowded train. On a hill above the railroad there is a man in a robe, at that moment he sends a flock of flying leeches to the train! Parasites break glass on windows and fall into wagons, and in panic, screaming and screaming, someone in the last moments of life manages to call for help.
New high-resolution textures
Helicopter with members of S.T.A.R.S. the team is soon coming to the scene … and it’s breaking down. Rebecca Chambers, apparently, the only survivor of a helicopter crash, and except that she will have to worry about leeches and zombies, an additional burden will be news that she will have to find and bring Billy Coen, a convict who is responsible for the killing of more than 30 people.

It will, however, be shown in a different light when Rebecca offers help and association. Switching from one image to another will be necessary to solve a good part of the puzzles. The exchange of an object is possible at any time if the characters are in the same room.
Play with the classic control scheme
The issue of problematic resolutions has been solved so that there are no more cut off parts of the screen. As far as technical characteristics are concerned, everything else has kept its absolutely correct and satisfactory level. Backgrounds are somewhat richer with light sources, reflections and smoke / steam. Animation movements remained true to their retro style, which requires a bit of customization, especially if you play with a combination of keyboard and mouse.

For a complete atmosphere, the authors recommend the Microsoft Xbox controller, in whose quality we do not doubt a bit, although we also tried three ordinary Joopads and we were pleased. Resident Evil, when it comes to support for controllers, is not ashamed of its console roots.

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