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RaceRoom Racing Experience is a simulation of driving, the Get Real mode brings dangerous realism and simulation of the physical model from the right track. RaceRoom Racing Experience is actually a retrospective of the work so far. It contains all the elements of the previous titles, all learned about realism and physical models.

We have not played a simulation of driving that produces so many racing moments, touring, serious incidents on the track and emotional moments after winning or missed opportunities. RaceRoom Racing Experience is not a classic simulation of driving and we could say that it’s a simulator.
brings dangerous realism
Hard-drive riders will notice that realism is tuned exclusively through three predefined modules: Novice, Amateur and Get Real. The game does not offer manipulation to helpers such as automatic distribution of braking forces, slip control or, for example, correction of the path of movement. Switching from mode to mode automatically activates the above.

Full PC version (no steam), download it here

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Playing in Get Real mode brings dangerous realism and mimics the physical model. Cars on asphalt lie perfectly and it is a real pleasure to discover their limits of opportunity. The AI driver system has an adaptive algorithm that perfectly adapts to the player’s driving.
Get Real mode brings dangerous realism
AI automatically slows down, allows you to reach the vehicle column and continue to compete for a better position. Racing Experience comes with no meaningful campaign, it brings even 95 cars and 29 licensed tracks. DTM 2013, 2014 and 2015 season are supported, and the ADAC GT Masters Championship 2014.

A player can define a championship that will consist of an arbitrary number of tracks and arbitrary types of cars. Racing Experience brings not only modern machines, but also flies with touring and DTM legends, formulas, GTO classics, GTR beams, prototypes etc.
there are only two cars
For the end user, the game is completely free, but if you are satisfied with the fact that there are only two cars and the same number of tracks available. All other, mentioned content is purchased individually! RaceRoom Racing Experience is realistic, has a number of tracks and cars, regular apps, fantastic sound and support for all types of control devices. There is also online multiplayer, line-out on line to true drivers through special online championships, a time trial for the title of the fastest.

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