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Quantum Break is a classic FPS (sci-fi), follow a series of sequences that affect your actions in certain sections between the chapters. A very nice thriller with sufficiently tense situations to keep you in the limelight. The player is in the role of Jack Joyce who came to visit the institute with his good friend Paul Serene.

Jack is invited to attend something incredible, but mysterious. You quickly discover that Paul made a time machine. The first test passes excellent, however, during the second one, there is a problem with the machine and things go wrong, Paul vanishes, and the world around you is frozen in time. Shortly thereafter, time begins to run again, but not without consequences in the form of glitching objects and people.
travels through time
An experiment with a time machine triggered an avalanche of events that ultimately lead to the end of time as we know it and pushing a pause to the whole world. Cataclysmic events do not leave Jack untouched and he gets a whole pack of time-manipulative powers, from freezing one target to fast-moving speed.

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During the game, you will be one of the Monarch companies, who is headed by Paul, also endowed with the power to control the flow of time, but much more than Jack. At the end of each chapter of the game you will have the opportunity to play briefly as Paul Serene and make an important decision that will further build relationships between characters.
that will determine the shape of the future
It greatly deepens the story of secondary characters with details that change depending on your choice in the sequence that preceded it. Shooting sections are classic third-person shooter action sequences, Capture and bounce to order headshot’s reckless opponents. Use of power to control time. There are not many of them, but each is extremely useful in different situations, easy and clear to use, and at the same time very fun.

The weight of the game on Normal is well balanced and will increase in time when the armored personnel come in, but also soldiers who can also manipulate in time. These matches are definitely the most entertaining, and they can pretty much lead you in. They are particularly impressed by the effects of using power so you will make a “spatial wave” when using Jack’s fast running, cluttering the space in front of you and pulling all the scrapping items with you.
Quantum Break is full of the vivid storytelling
Equally impressive are the effects of weather glitches you often encounter, as well as spatial echoes. Quantum Break still succeeds in developing a classic gameplay that we see in third-person shoots above the average using power and complication that is tense enough not to make breaks but you are going ahead and looking for more.

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