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Punch Club is a mix of genres: boxing, manager simulation and RPG. You can not see anything like this now, everything is sketched together so you will love or hate it. Introduction to the story is an intentional cliché: Gilees swears on his father’s lifeless body to revenge his death.

The way to the responsible for this horrible crime is not easy, because the only way to the main crime is participation in a prestigious tournament held on his private island, and the invitations get exclusively the best fighters. The winner will also need a magical medallion that ended with mobster don.
mick's office
One day, on the way to Gilet’s work, local mangups intercept and overwhelm him, when the old Mik appears out of nowhere and offers his services for free. The road to celebration and revenge is not easy and requires constant training, for what will initially serve a gym where you can skip the rope, lift weights or smash the rubber, otherwise the entrance to the gym is charged.

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The worst thing a young boxer can do is skip training. Money is earned by the delivery of pizzas or work on the construction site. Every successful job shift brings a certain amount of money, you can do a maximum of two shifts in one day, but pay attention to fatigue and hunger, because if an unforeseen factor breaks you up, you will not get the money!
training in the garage
You can travel to the workplace by foot (spending time) or by bus (it costs) and during travel there is always the chance that the street gang will rob you in case you carry more money with you. You can relax with TV, drink steroids of a crazy scientist whose laboratory is in the basement or sign up for a tournament: a regular, street or ultimate fight that gives many bonuses, but it also carries a greater risk of injury that will slow down future training.

You have the choice of how to get to the championship title! The three most important features of your boxer are strength, durability and agility. The first depends on the severity of the blows and energy consumption, on the other regeneration and the ability to absorb the opponent’s attack, and from the last precision and avoiding the blows.
a list of the skills
Secondary traits are: health, mood (reflects on the effectiveness of training), sitout (exercise does not go if you are hungry) and energy consumed by hitting an opponent. On the eve of each fight, you compose unique build of the moves available to you and they unlock exclusively through combat, boxer status defines perks that are always active.

The fighting takes place automatically and without the intervention of a player, only the building of the rounds between the rounds is allowed. Especially important is durability because you consume her scale whenever you hit an opponent. Pixelized graphics are adorned with many details and colorful, and the music themes are echoes of charm. Punch Club simply roams from visual references to the mass culture of the 1980s and 1990s.

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