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Panzer Corps: Soviet Corps is a modern, but at the same time an archaic remake, probably the most desirable moving war strategy in history, these days it has received its 14th DLC! For the past five years, the Panzer Corps has been enriched with three major expansion sites: the Africa Korps, the Allied Corps, and now the Soviet Corps and 11 small campaign additions.
command of the forces of the Stalin’s Russia
The Soviet Corps brings a campaign with 26 missions, in which you will lead the USSR armed forces from the war with the Japanese at Holchin-Gol to the operation of the takeover of Berlin. Like any original Panzer and a good later Panzer clone, the Soviet Corps has scenarios, of which the most interesting ones are those in which after Germany you conquer the rest of Europe, provided that in most of the later offensive battles you achieve a triumph by fulfilling secondary tasks.

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To a real offensive, as you know from history, you need to go through a scarlet of defensive operations. At the beginning of the game, besides Halhin-Gola, you get the opportunity for easy training through the invasion of the eastern Poland and the war with the Finns, after which a series of desperate defense missions are waiting for you, which is a bit of a monstrous difficulty.
access to over 60 new regular and special elite units
The earlier Panzars have taught you that core units are being guarded and guarded, but the Soviet Corps defense defenses will successfully cure you from this obsession. In line with the nature of operations on the Eastern Front in the first two years of the war, it is reasonable to expect that at least once you will replace the entire core arsenal. There are sixty new units in the game, including experimental tanks IS-3.

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