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Oxenfree is a research adventure with an emphasis on conversation and the development of interpersonal relationships. There are elements of social drama, horror, and adventure. A group of friends comes to Edvards Island with a plan to spend the weekend on the beach, with camp fire.

There was once a military base on the island, and now there is just a dormant coastal town where all the shops are closed, and rarely the population has an overwhelming desire to socialize and go to sleep but with the first dusk. An ideal destination for a group of teenagers to get rid of their family and escape from civilization.
weekend on the beach
The place has a rich history, and, of course, not scarce with legends, sank the submarine near the coast, referring to the death of all eighty-five crew members. In certain places on the island, the radio can capture strange dreadful sounds that resemble human voices, at frequencies that do not belong to any single known radio station.

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The previous curious researchers of this urban legend would allegedly have stoned stones in such places so that those who come after them could be convinced of the truth of the story. Alex, the protagonist of the game, will, for these reasons, bring the radio to the island, and curiosity and the desire for research will soon be taken to places where she definitely did not want to be found.
sank the submarine
The conversation in the game almost never stops and the most natural one we ever had had the opportunity to hear, ideas about what should be said at a given moment in a very short time interval (in the form of a cloud). We will have only two or three seconds to decide about the direction in which direction we will have to go (after which one of the friends will turn the conversation in a different direction or change the subject), we can always keep in mind what was at first sight of us to say , and wait for the reaction of others.

the system in the most possible possible way emulates everyday communication, the mode of communication lies in the danger of everything getting into boredom, which, fortunately, is not the case here. There are also challenges that will set their own past before them. The way Alex, Clarice and Jonas will fight losing loved ones!
strange dreadful sounds
An unusual graphic style is something that does not happen every day, and it resembles a mixture of collage and watercolor. Two-dimensional backgrounds combined with tiny characters that can not be seen by facial expressions. sound does not lag behind, so mysterious radio-frequencies hear bizarre sounds that act authentically and raise the atmosphere to an even higher level.

An unusual graphic style is something that does not happen every day, and it resembles a mixture of collage and watercolor. we will have the opportunity to compare our choices with the choices of other players, and we see the extent to which the decisions made during the game, concerning the fate of the characters, coincide with the decisions of the majority.

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