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Layers of Fear is an adventure that brings experience where the player surrounds a distraction that will push it until it’s over. Layers of Fear brings us an experience that is rarely an adventure to deliver. The claustrophobic atmosphere of narrow, dark corridors and spacious lounges in which the air is so thick that it can be cut with a knife will not appeal to anyone.

This is not just about just telling the horror of the experience that the game offers, which is at best average, unless you’re still getting used to the crazy fantasmagoric views and creepy entities that are waiting for you when you turn 180 degrees, because you have the impression that something breathes in the neck.
Dare you help paint a true Masterpiece of Fear
Special attention is given to the sound design which is the main component in the weaving of the specific atmosphere of the Layers of Fear. If you do not dash the laughter of an innocent boy who, frowning grievingly, sometimes runs through the frame, maybe you will be thrown into the depths of the boards, metal friction on metal and agonal cries that can not be produced by human loud wire.

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The main hero will move in the house with a pre-set path of movement, the door through which you entered becomes locked immediately, while at the same time only one of the exits becomes active. Sometimes you will be able to use the observation power to briefly find the encryption key on the output door.
with focus on story and exploration
There is no dialogue or riddles, only infinite wanderings on a villa in which all the laws of logical conclusion have long ceased to apply. The oppressive and sick atmosphere filled every room in the house and took away the main hero and the last power of logical reasoning.

Leaving him to fight with the demons of the past by using the last tattered remnants of the wrong mind. With the nature of the tragic story that unwinds with each of our steps, we meet through documents scattered by the drawers. The main character is a painter who comes back to the house with a definite goal: to finish his life work, his magnum opus, a portrait on which he seems to have worked all his life.
Delve deep into the mind of an insane painter
Perhaps this will finally calm the voices in his head, alleviate the creaking of the old walls, and make the storm in the eternal night with which he and the villa are surrounded, to rest and stop. His portrait is his wife, and to whom a very different lady is watching us sadly. Research at home results in finding one of the subjects of critical importance for the completion of an image.

Layers of Fear is a dark drama, we can not give him too much criticism, the director is close to the film, and to the extent that we can begin to feel distress, darkness, confusion and hopelessness together with the main hero.

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