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Agent 47 is back with us, this time in more interesting situations, giving him the role of the main actor in a series called HITMAN. Maps this time bring over 300 NPCs by location and maneuver space up to seven times higher than in the previous chapter Absolution.

Hitman in this form is definitely not a game for everyone, the gameplay is completely non-linear, wide-ranging in decision-making and action-taking and, finally, many different ways in which levels can end. The main goal is almost always the same, the elimination of the marked targets!
become the master assassin
Hitman, thanks to the implemented system of opportunity, the player encounters characters and stories that can completely reverse the reach line to the goal, but also to make new tasks when crossing the level. Accepting these mini-missions is optional, and if you want to perform the basic task in a conservative way, you can do it, even if in that case you lose all those goodies that the new Hitman brings.

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With the mechanics of the game you get to know more than three training missions, much shorter than chapters from the campaign. You can try to complete missions quickly, but you will soon realize that such a shortcut approach leads you to ruin. The action needs to be planned in advance and well planned every move.
Travel around the globe to beautiful locations
You have to make the most decisions on the spot, only when the opportunity comes to light, you can repeat each level several times, as you discover all the ways to reach the goal. Al adapts to the way players play and the decisions they make, which makes the mission very difficult.

The number of treatments you carry with you on missions is limited and usually insufficient to allow completion of the task. Therefore, at the level you can choose a hidden location where you will leave some help, and you can also hide the items you store on locations and use them as needed. Position can be recorded whenever you want.
eliminate your targets with everything from a katana or a sniper rifle
The first mission in the campaign takes place in Paris at a fashion show where it is necessary to eliminate the leaders of an international spy organization that has come up with a list of MI6 agents working in a deep confidentiality. Once you have completed the first mission, you can indulge yourself with some of the embedded game modes, the one that is called Escalation is the one that attracts the most attention. This is where the goal is to fulfill the mission, meeting the predefined conditions.

The elusive targets mode requires the player to count on targets for a specific time period. Due to the enormous space that the levels cover and the large number of characters present, authors have to compromise with graphics, so that the hardware requirement would not be too high.

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