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Hearts of Iron IV puts you in the role of a leader of the representatives of the geopolitical and military series of any country on the planet during the Second World War. Gameplay is in some elements simpler than the previous one, while in the other it is more complex. Relatively serious changes are present in all segments, from politics, through economics, to war, with the exception of diplomacy.
Victory is at your fingertips
While the world boldly rattles towards another, probably the last great war, it is not fierce to remember that the planet was roaring in the past. The Second World War, in its entirety, is traditionally the most entertaining being presented through grandiose strategies. Although you can choose any weaker country, playing is incomparably more interesting if it is experienced from the perspective of one of the great powers or a state that is strong enough to leave its mark.

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The roots of political engagement in the game are the political points that you spend on changing state laws, diplomatic action and the engagement of historical figures that give different bonuses in all spheres of functioning of the state. The best new element is the designer of the division that allows absolute freedom in designing your armed forces.
command of any nation in World War II
Any amendment to divine templates requires the use of military experience that you gain by training units, participating in wars, or you receive it as a bonus from a talented theoretician who you recruited for political points, so that you can not remember the changes, but when you can pay them. Resource economics and trade are also simplified and changed for the better.

The industry is sharply divided into civilian and military, with the possibility of converting factories as needed in the event of war, converting civilian to military. In peace, civilian factories are the basis of everything, because with the help of them, you build infrastructure, military factories, fortifications and literally all other improvements in the territories.
greatest military leader in the world
If, for example, you are filling a steel or a tire for the production of weapons, you will do a dilemma with the countries that export them and in return give a certain amount of consumer goods that the civilian factories automatically make. The military industry is also greatly conceived, because, as in reality, the production of weapons and equipment is separated from the hull recruitment.

Groups of armies and fronts are now grouped under the command of individual generals. This makes planning easier and eliminates the complete automation of warfare. You can determine the direction of action, the line of defense, and some extent to define an action dashboard for the generals and their groups of armies, but fines, especially those that encircle and destroy environments in the environment, require your manual input to achieve maximum results.
change the fate of the world
Hearts of Iron IV looks really impressive. Zooming the map is leaping, every level of zoom now brings a fantastic new layer of detail. Opposite AI is relatively easy and can easily be exploited, for example, by the production of a large number of infantry units and by completely ignoring aviation in a mission to conquer most of continental Europe. You can increase the challenge by raising the level of difficulty, but by doing so you give yourself the production penalties, and the opponent, unfortunately, does not become more intelligent.

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