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Grim Dawn is a mixture of the best hack & slash achievements, the atmosphere and general visual impression could be featured as a remake of Titan Quest, as well as opponents similar to those of Torchlight. The gameplay of the conflict of two more powers has passed on to the once powerful human empire of Cairn. One of them found a way to use humanity as a kind of resource.

The other force that fights the first from the only reason known to them, wants to prevent it from harvesting valuable resources by simply destroying it. The main protagonist is the antichrist, the prisoner of death whom they decided to spare. To wash away the fun, he will have to prove himself and contribute to the community by going beyond the limits of an improvised camp.
Combine any of six distinct classes
There are six classes available, and the primary selection is made after the first progress through the Level up system, just like in Titan Quest. Novelty is the selection of a secondary class at the twelfth level. Then the player will be able to select an additional class and take the character in some other direction. All combinations are possible, and even those are incompatible. Who wants the old school gameplay will be able to skip the choice of an extra class!

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There are no divisions in terms of weapons among classes, so now everyone can equally use ranged weapons and thus expand the spectrum of tactics. There is also a completely independent system of additional fine tuning of characters, points used to improve in this field do not come from experience, but by activating certain shrines scattered in the map.
combinations and over 200 rare affixes
To activate the sanctuary, a player will either have to find and place a particular type of crystal or kill all guards, who are usually very dangerous creatures. After activating the shrine, the player will have only one point available, which he will be able to incorporate into some skill. Each of them gives certain bonuses, and they more strongly require you to first activate some other before them.

Various jewels and other boosters can be put into almost every part of the equipment, and there is also a crafting of things by the recipes you will encounter. Health regeneration and health regeneration bugs are automatically picked up when the player approaches them. Depending on the choice of options in a dialogue with some of the NPCs, the player will build or demolish his reputation in certain groups assembled in various camps.
allows you to acquire bonuses and powerful secondary effects for your class skills
From the choices it makes depends on the experience gained and the choice of equipment that it will be able to buy from local retailers. It is not possible “to be good with everyone! The hardware complexity is minimal and the engine is excellent, so Grim Dawn will work on everything that could be called a gamer machine in the last 10 years.

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