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xbox one, ps4 or pc download
Fragments of Him plays the oximeter game without playing, fatal traffic refers to the life of the young Vill, and the player through three stages of flashbacks follows his last day and stories told from the corners of his closest.
connected by love and a tragic
After each flash, the contours of an object or character illuminate and suggest where to click to keep the story going. When the game takes away one of the foundations such as a gamble, it must have a strong enough story or a strong visual impression, otherwise the whole construction is broken.

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The characters are designed as dolls from a windowless show, or what The Pixies would say – where there were eyes, there’s only space. Music is minimal, most of the time in the same monotone piano section. Fragments of Him do not interfere too much in shallow philosophy, deals with topics that are close to everyone – the first love and love problems, the generation gap, the issue of closeness and attachment, the loss of a dear person.
Will on his last morning
The story begins with Vill, who wakes up and prepares for work, thinking of small things. He soon experiences an accident and the story returns to Vil’s childhood through the grandma’s memory that kept him. The story is pretty painful when sliding downhill in the second stage of the game, right in the cliche.

If you love someone, let him go, that is, suggest to him to start some other and other reactions that are not characteristic of human beings. And finally, the most emotional part comes from the attempts to deal with the death of a partner in a common apartment where all objects are sad reminders, until the final acceptance that life goes on.
conflict, reconciled some of their differences
As far as LGBT themes are concerned, the player should only be interested in the way in which it was accessed in terms of the quality of the story. The experience of playing Fragments of Him is the closest thing to watching an indie movie, but with every fifteen seconds you have to click on the mouse to continue.

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