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Fortified (game) is an explosive combination of tower defense, strategy and third-person shooter, similar to the title Orcs Must Die!, which in a way represents a homage to classic sci-fi films from the 1950s.

The invasion has begun, and the four main actors are the only hope for the salvation of mankind since the invasion of the Martian robot. Your team leader is captain, there is a rocket scientist girlfriend, as well as an agent and a cosmonaut, each with different abilities, skills and arsenal of weapons from the Cold War period.
combines strategy and tower defense mechanics
Fortified includes campaign and invasion modes, with the ability to choose levels, weights and folders. In both modes, your goal is to defend an alien from an alien that you are planning to counteract to attackers. The only difference between these modes is that you have limited missions in the campaign, while defending yourself from the infinite waves of your opponents in invasion.

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At the very beginning, after selecting your particular arsenal of weapons and defense in the form of armies, cannons and other devices, it is necessary to organize well and set up an anti-invasion defense. During the introductory setting of the defense, time is not limited and the only limit in elaborating a perfect strategy is money. You have ammunition in unlimited quantities.
including a jetpack piloting heroine
When you are finally ready for action, you can launch an invasion of aliens. Attacking waves can come from several directions, and the opponent also knows and unexpectedly changes tactics of attack in moments when you least hope. By destroying robots, you get the money you use to reinforce defense structures.

After a successful defense, your missiles unlock new missions and get a new set of weapons and devices that you can buy and improve. Fortified has a retro-comic style design, launched by the Unreal 4 engine, which, combined with the number of opponents on the screen and the effects of explosions, contributed to high hardware complexity.
team coordination and strategy
After completing a campaign of twelve missions, you will have an invasion or online co-op mode in the company with up to four players at the same time.

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