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Firewatch belongs to a specific sub-genre of adventure that has been unwittingly acquired the name of simulators of walking. The dialogues between our lonely protagonist Henry and the voice on the other side of the wolf-toki, Dilayla, are the main reason why this accomplishment is worth playing. We are grateful to the graphic virtuosos in charge of the visual identity of the game and the decision that the environment must have a cartoon-like cartoon.

Firewatch at first resembles something that is not, a gameplay that will take place in the open world, with a million standard tasks. In an attempt to distance himself from a hopeless and almost tragic family situation in order to sort out his thoughts and possibly find a way to reconcile with the present state of affairs, our protagonist Henri is reported as a volunteer firefighter in the part of the Jeloustoun Park in northwest Wyoming.
A stunningly beautiful wilderness
Three months of lonely life in a wooden observation post, with careful monitoring of smoke gestures and other signs of possible fires, but to escape from reality, while the effects of shock and pain do not stand out, and the man does not reconcile with fate, they look like an ideal solution.

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The year is 1989, so instead of a laptop, Henry’s company will make the most common typing machine. Henry’s only relationship with the world of people is the walkie-talkie with whom he communicates with Dilail. The voice from the void, the last link that Henry binds to civilization and the thread that keeps him on the edge, prevents her from staying in the ardor of self-pity.
Secrets and discoveries to be made over every hill
Henry also has a camera with which all these magnificent landscapes can be photographed, and sent in 4K resolution to Firewatch servers and ordered images of 15 x 10 cm. You can always walk in the magnificent Jellyston spaces, unrelated to the current task and the place to go.

The only reward that the world of Firewatch will honor you is the pleasure of seeing meadows, cliffs and forests. Whether or not the Dileail will remain only the voice in the air, or will be at the end of Henry’s game, it remains up to you to find out, after three or four hours, how much the game lasts.
A thrilling story and script by Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin
To Henry’s pragmatism, or his sensibility or sense of romance, you will be able to influence some of the choices in the dialogue logs, which are the heart of the story and the cornerstone of the gameplay. Do not expect drastic branching, the only thing that can change is your relationship with the voice from the ether.

However, it was much more difficult to devise dialogues that would shift the emphasis from that obvious, outward aspect of the game, and transfer it to the inner world, which is defined by the suspicion of the correctness of one’s own actions, unrest, uncertainty, and constant introspection of the main heroes.

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