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Epistory: Typing Chronicles is an action RPG in which roadblocks and opponents that attack you master as fast as you type words that appear on the screen. action in the game designed to instead squeeze a particular key or a combination of keys that would pose shocks instead, you need to quickly type words that appear on the screen and thus overcome obstacles along the way, as well as opponents that attack you.
story of a writer lacking inspiration
Everything is packaged in an atmospheric, fairy-tale, action RPG that really deserves a chance and for those who might otherwise not even look at this type of game. Gameplay and the environment are extremely imaginative and fairy-tale: the player is in the role of a girl riding a big red fox and moving with a lavirint world that seems to have been made by origami technique. Controls for moving are extremely unusual, at the same time quick typing and moving, but if you do not respond you can change them to standard WASD.

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Initially, the goal is to find a further path through the labyrinth, and some obstacles are removed by typing the words that float above them. There is no need for much haste and you have enough time to slowly get into the system and gameplay. Later you will start to meet your opponents, and the only way to eliminate them is to quickly type the word that is above your opponent.
control everything with a keyboard
For example, the caterpillar is heading towards you, and you must type a certain number of words that appear above before it reaches you. You will also receive various special abilities to help you. For example, you get the opportunity to magically burn your enemies very early. So you actually need to type at least one word for each of the opponents who attack you, and then they will slowly burn while you type words for another.

As you progress, everything becomes more complex and requires extremely quick reflexes, tactical thinking and a very, quick typing. The more words you associate in the series, the more experienced points you get, and then use them to open up new and strengthen existing skills. Epistory also has a beautiful, artfully designed story, which can be seen as a simple fairy tale, but also metaphorically! Epistory Typing Chronicles has its own system that prevents you from going to a location for which you are not ready yet.
dynamic difficulty system that evolves to fit each players
If you encounter an obstacle that you do not yet have to remove, words will be shown to you in an unknown language until you pass enough levels to learn that language. In addition to research, there are also riddles, finding secret paths and locations, hidden treasures, fragments of images, unlocking new magical abilities… and everything that makes up a classic RPG.

Probably the strongest side of this game is its scalable weight. Gameplay has a system that evaluates how fast you type and overcomes obstacles and, accordingly, changes the weight so that at no time you would not be too heavy or too short. There are eight different thematic areas, which represent metaphors for the various stages of life that must be experienced in order to open the door to art. Locations are simple but very vibrant and, above all, full of positive energy.
Explore a beautiful paper craft world
Epistory: Typing Chronicles is above all a very pleasant experience. Whether you love home games, action RPGs, or your game has attracted a story and / or wonderful design, you will surely spend more than interesting hours with it.

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