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pc, mac, ps4, xbox one free download
Enter the Gungeon is a retro-stylized rogue-like dungeon crawler, a homage to the first games from the Legend of Zelda series. The legend says that somewhere in the universe is a planet, on which there is a castle, under which there is a dungeon with the most powerful weapons – a gun that can kill the past! The pistol is hidden deep in the fifth level of the dungeon, infused by the followers of the Gundead cult, the eternal guards of this artefact from the advent of adventurers eager to celebrate.

In search of legendary weapons, you are coming from Breach, the initial zone inhabited by our four heroes. Marine is a soldier and is therefore more precise than other heroes. It has the strongest armor, the largest stockpile on the base weapon, and it can order a box with additional ammunition with a toki-voky.
seeking to shoot, loot
The pilot fits somewhat into the archetype thieves, because when opening a suitcase there is always a chance to obey the lock instead of using the key, and there’s also a nice discount when shopping at the store. The first of two female characters is a ranger, who, besides the basic weapon, has a somewhat stronger crossbow, and her faithful dog companion knows how to dig some useful item after you clean the room from the enemy.

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Behind the seemingly fragile exterior of the dressmaker, in a recognizable orange dresses, a cold-blooded killer with a pumpkin is hiding, because of its natural nature, it receives a short-term bonus of damage each time it is hit, and in addition it carries several Molotov cocktails. The random number generator is alpha and omega in this game.
a constantly evolving bullet hell fortress
It depends literally on everything: the size and appearance of each level, the appearance of each room and the number of enemies in it, the contents of each suitcase, the inventory of the store, even the one who will wait for you at the end of the level decides to virtually extract the ball from the hat. in the game there are two hundred guns, pistols, the same number of active and passive objects should be added.

There are two currencies in the game: empty casings that remain behind eliminated cultures and hegemony credits as a drop after you master a boss. At first the zone in Breach is almost empty, but by searching the dungeon you will encounter many NPCs who will open the Breach troubles after you have fulfilled their requirements. Ordinary shops are located at every level, and in them you can buy coils for energy or ammunition, keys for arms cases or guns.
roll through a wall of bullets
However, the offer constantly varies, and this, combined with Marfi Law, means that there will not be much of what you really need. Enter the Gungeon shines with a special glow, primarily thanks to the unique level design and incredible dedication to details when creating dozens of different enemies. Pixelized graphics simply teleport you when they were 16-bit pc machines.

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