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Dying Light: The Following is an urban simulator, the parkour survival of the zombie apocalypse, this DLC brings a new environment is a bizarre mix of Middle Eastern city, medieval Spanish architecture and the area of the American Midwest. The DLC starts separately from the main menu, and in no way interrupts or affects the base Dying Light.

The Followinga begins after receiving one of the many victims of the undead walkers, which will prove to be an immune to the mutant effects of bites. Kyle Crane’s and a small survivor of society decide to send the best Haran runner to the outside of the city, hoping to find a potential new drug or a means to alleviate the zombie epidemic.
Experience the untold chapter
It will be revealed that few survivors from the province avoid the evil zombie koby attributing unconditional faith to a paralyzed cult named Children of the Sun, so Crane will have to engage further in creating trust among survivors before his secrets of healing become available.

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The following is based on the symbiosis of two main selling point games. The first refers to the aforementioned, changed environment, which in the bizarre mix of the Middle East city, in the presence of medieval Spanish architecture, also inserts the functional areas of the American Midwest.
explore a dangerous countryside
Unpromognable fields of waving grain (wandering in the undead), layers of scattered hay, ruined highways, crushed stretches, silent and lonely farms, remote barns of larger farms, abandoned gas stations and production facilities of local manufactories.

Travelers will also be driving you, which is an ideal means for cruising between the points of interest of such a wide and generous terrain, especially due to the lack of tight buildings or other altitude objects. Bagi is extraordinarily implemented in the appendix, it acts organically and in accordance with the environment, and it’s really a joke to jump on the terrain, make slalom between obstacles, or tramp and scatter zombies around the environment.
Leave the urban area
You will be pleased to be able to buy Bagi: shock absorbers, engine, brakes etc. Perfumes permanently installed, such as: a more robust cage guarded by a driver, a nitro drive, wheels for optimum off-road driving, and many cosmetic details.

You will use many bugs so that you have to maintain it, buy new parts, service and maintain it. The number of repairs is limited as in the case of weapons maintenance, with constant care of the gasoline stock you take on pumps, or withdrawing fuel from abandoned vehicles.
devastated by a mysterious epidemic
Bagi is assigned a whole branch of skills, which further deepens his role in the field, front villas for more efficient neutralization of the attackers, installation of ultra-violet headlights or a complete system of UV beams, which create a safe zone around the vehicle.

In everything else, The Following follows the logic of gameplay seen from before. A lot of running and driving from one to the other NPC character who has some quest for you. Dying Light: The Following you can start with the image from the saved phase of the basic campaign, with all the skills learned and with the complete equipment and inventory and the money collected.

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