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Devil Daggers has only one level and only one game mode. An ordinary plane surrounded by infinite darkness, an army of hells that appear at precisely defined intervals, a counter that type-works seconds with four decimals, and all this drives only your will to spend as long as you can. You touch the edge, you’re dying. Do you have only one monster, you’re dying? It does not apply to opponents, but that does not mean that they are indestructible.
places you in an abyssal arena
Death is the inevitable end of every session of Devil Daggers. Your personal hell may last 45, 60 or 360 seconds, but it will always end in one way, your death. Feverishly you will run every millisecond of life, and with it a better position on the table.

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From each session, you will go out more skillfully and with new knowledge. Over time, you will learn to distinguish the types of skulls by sound, to eliminate the spider before giving birth to the army of their small clones, and to know exactly how much crystals you need the next apricot. Devil Daggers bombs you with the hordes of hell always at the same speed and with the same schedule, and to learn all the schemes you will need good reflexes and patience for a lot of repetition.
Your spirit and skill will be tested
Gameplay gives you quite enough survival tools: a demonic hand that fires a dagger-like shotgun or slot machine, which, by collecting red crystals from fallen opponents, during the session, increases up to a version that has an additional, accompanying projectile. Physics of motion is the best-of compilation of moves that we once performed in Quake and similar FPSs. There are bunny hop, rocket jump and circle strafe, and they work exactly the way you remember them.

Sound plays an extremely large role and, besides what you see, will give you very important information. Each creature has a specific range of sounds to advertise. Outside the main screen, there are no seconds of background music, so the soundtrack is a pure cacophony of cramping, bruising, and a scream from the blood in your veins and wondering if this may be the work of some unclean force. If it exists, hell sounds like this.
Fluid movment allows for circle strafing
In case you want to play some background music, you will find recommendations for the respective albums on the forum. Devil Daggers is not for everyone. This is a nightmare attack on a nervous system that plays on a very delicate border to cease to be fun and become a true tool for torture. It is precisely at this perfect border that the formula for the success of this nightmare is colored by the color palette of the first Quake.

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