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Death by Game Show is the most iconic tower defense game with a specific sense of humor. The plot reminds us of the movie Idiocracy. In the future, where people with aggression are driven by aggressive robots, the main character is condemned to participate in a brutal TV show program.

Somewhere in the distant twenty-sixth century, people are mostly foolish sheep manipulated by their former guardians. Your character is U.H. Wutt who is discovered to be too smart and therefore must be sent for rehabilitation with a high risk of ill and explosive death.
Wutt becomes a competitor in a brutal TV show program where his goal is to survive long enough to escape from the planetoid he was thrown on that day.
smarts behind Wutt’s rehabilitation
If he survives he will get a lot of money, and the chance to get on the next day in a more complicated challenge. Death by Game Show could be described as an arcade, linear tower defense. Each level puts you in front of an intersection of a small planet whose surface is sapped by dangers, and by attackers.

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There are static traps as well as hostile robots that, depending on the level, in the waves or individually attacking, you can run but not infinite because of the traps, Wutt is not able to defend itself directly. For him, G.I.M.P. is connected to the chain. or GameShow Intimidation Masheen of Pwnage. This machine is actually a mini factory where you can either launch your own robots or set up defensive structures.
survival and success into your own hands
Robots are fast and weak, you also have kamikaze, armor weighed heavily with a weak assault, a specialist for air strikes and the like. Defensive buildings are: fast-paced, strong, but slow cannons, anti-air defense, splash attack towers and structures that weaken the opponent and boost your robots. In total you have ten types of robots and buildings.

There are two types of levels, those in which you have a fixed, limited number of robots and towers, or those in which the limiting factor of energy is G.I.M.P. Spends on the production of any robot or structure. Levels have several apparent common characteristics. They are pretty hard and fast, every one is done in a few minutes.

give the droids a paint job and build build your own levels

When they kill you, you will respond to the studio, all the cash you earned at the previous levels will be taken away and you can choose from which level you want to proceed. With the help of the editor, you will be able to make yourself crazy for Whitto yourself and share them with other players on Steam. Death by Game Show is a solid title with a specific sense of humor, the amount of time you spend with this title depends primarily on your personal taste.

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