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Cobalt game combines the complex concept of metroidation with the twitch shooter mechanics translated into a two-dimensional environment. If you successfully manage the command system, Cobalt will open an incredible material treasure, both in solo variants and through numerous multiplayer modes.

In the distant future, the human race has disappeared from the face of the Earth, and its place was taken over by robots. When, at one time, new, metallic Earthmen receive a call from the distant planet of Tranquility, they decide that the Cobalt robots pack into the spaceship and send it to the rescue mission.
Play through the story and discover answers
Cobalt is finally reaching its destination, but too late – on the surface of the planet, the remains of former human colonists and an army of half-witted robots pierce the ancient beast called the ETAC on former masters. Despite the discouraging situation on the ground, it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

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Driven by a whacky ship computer with which he never knows what it is, Cobalt decides that his task will still come to an end. Researching enormous levels and hubs with its therapeutic soothing effect can fool you because the moment you encounter an opponent and the action starts, things take place at a dizzying pace.
Take advantage of our automatic slo-mo
The Cobalt arsenal is divided into three groups: a close combat weapon, various shots for remote fights and explosive devices, the arsenal totaling over seventy different weapons. The chest-fighting weapon is short-lived for a short range and is useless only and will only be used when you are left without ammunition for more warriors, rifles and pistols.

Targeting the shells is much harder because of the rudimentary physical model it directly depends on the acceleration of the character at the moment of the throw. A shield activates a shield that will withstand a few hits before disintegration, and in situations when you are hitting bulletproof missiles by key assistance will be rolling and bullet time mode that is automatically activated and lasts for a few seconds.
Customise weapons and armour
Since AI is top-notch and responds faster than you, you need to carefully plan the action. During the journey through Trankopia, collecting money and drafts that remain largely behind the murdered boss, Kobalt will open up the possibility of upgrading armor and manufacturing destructive weapons. On some locations, there are also free arcade-logical mini-games that are activated when burglarizing the safes and hacking the terminal.

The Story mode provides dozens of hours of entertainment, five available modes located on over eighty maps. Survival involves fighting against the battering waves of the opponents made by rounds, then there are various time-limited challenges, the classic FFA deathmatch, a CTF variant that is called the Cobalt universe called capture the plug and a team strike that is obviously inspired by Counter-Strike.
test speed, agility and combat skills
All these modes are also available to solo players, and a gold medal deserves a local cooperative mode on one computer. You can track your performance, whether it’s offline or offline, on a global table.

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