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Black Desert Online is MMORPG (sandbox), the combat system is a real refreshment because it puts emphasis on action instead of a tactical component, and there are elements of Parkour movement. For a while, it has been present in the Japanese, Russian and Korean markets for free2play. Black Desert requires entering a family name that shares all the characters in one order.

It has eight classes, the sex is strictly related to the chosen class, they are evenly distributed, in those for close combat, ranged professions, DPS, tanks and hybrids, so everyone will find the appropriate class according to their style of playing. After successful creation of the avatars, you will be presented with open-source maps.
living-world MMORPG
Any activity you can think of is feasible: from fishing, splitting wood, crossing horses, cultivating the land, to genuine clinging to traders etc. You can rent a house in one of the towns and place pre-hired workers in it, which further directs to the suburban hubs where they bury their livestock and cattle.

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The merchandise produced by workers can be transported to a horse in a neighboring city where you can sell it at a better price. Unlike most of the games from the genre, it mostly travels here on a horse, boat or on foot. Purchase of the mountain is a priority, and the dressing of the horse is done using laso and sugar cubes. A trip to know how to get rid of the horse is tired, and then it is necessary to anoint and feed it with carrots.
hunt monsters and huge bosses
Black Desert has a fighting system that separates it from similar games, moves are connected to the combo, which gives more action note. A simple parkour element for home-based learning has been introduced. It is strange that no quest rewards the player with experience, but for this purpose the archaic system of mobbing is used for this purpose.

The map is three-dimensional and non-transparent, squeezed by icons, among which it’s hard to find what you need, and the same goes for the main screen overwhelmed with mostly unnecessary information that distracts attention. The characters are full of fine details, they look beautiful while the environment is average.
fight with friends in a guild
The animation of characters, especially during combat, is hyperreal, which is also true for both the atmospheric effects and the dynamic shift of day and night – it’s an unbelievable feeling when you pass through the forest at the foot of some of the mountains in the dawn of a zigzur while the rain drops shine on the armor. For comfortable playing near a limit of 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution, a much stronger configuration than the one stated is required!

Energy points are regenerated for one to three minutes, each action performed, except for combat, consumes energy. The popularity of an MMORPG game depends largely on accessibility: in Black Desert, the barrier is built from the jungle system and the subsystem is set quite high. For all there are guides and tutorials.
companion whose destiny is intertwined with their own
The money you carry with you has weight, so the problem is when you bring a few thousand silver pieces, but not when you fill the inventory with five hundred metal helmets! Some innovations are interesting, Black Desert is certainly the most beautiful simulation of horse-horses in the world.

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