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Bear Simulator aims to collect objects and massacre all living in the seven regions separated into entirety that are specifically loaded. In any region to die, you will be returned to the initial cave, and returning to the place where you left the bones is hampered by the missing map.
live life through the eyes of a bear
The reality with which this simulator is evident is evident: the bear jumps two meters high, an animal weighing half a ton climbs with lazy and dry twigs without any problems. The RPG moment associated with the brain is not reflected in the vital characteristics of health, durability, strength, wit, speed of walking, running and swimming, the ability to dive and eventually luck.

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By sniffing the product of the animal excrement system, you will receive messages about the environment and tips. The characteristics of your bench are enhanced by the consumption of colorful mushrooms, but in order to be able to eat mushrooms at all you need to upgrade intelligence.
Explore 7 different regions
The bear is so slow that it takes nearly ten strokes to break through the most ordinary chicken as if it was made of titanium, and the first rush that gets you on the road will pass you away from the joke. You’ll be able to hunt the slowest rabbits you’ve ever seen, as well as ducks that fly vertically like a helicopter.

In addition to animal corpses, tomatoes that grow in wetlands, grapes from the bunker and the whole untouched pizza that someone has left in the forest will serve as food. The graphics are below the average and as far as music is concerned, it does not exist at all if we exclude the occasional sounds of insects and other animals.
Fight against an array of villainous creatures
Bear Simulator is below average and if you do not have what to play for, we recommend it.

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