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Baldur’s Gate Siege of Dragonspear is located between the first Baldur’s Gate and the Shadows of Amn and covers events that are mentioned in the introductory sequence of the two. Siege of Dragonspear is a strictly linear experience with the devastatingly low quality of the story and dialogue, as well as the companies reduced to cardboard dolls and walking stereotypes.
Baldur's Gate has put its faith in you
If we mention that Minsk has become the object of controversy because it has been lowered to the level of imbecile, it is clear to you what you can expect. True, we miss the old sizes, but such attempts at zombies deserve only contempt and boycotts. Among the new weight levels that should increase the challenge during the battle, the site has also found a story intended for the modern audience because it effectively represents fashion mode.

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Some voice actors have done a great job, but there are many more who sound like six hours waiting for a bus. Hand under the hand with the dilettant text is played by figures who literally speak as superficial surfers and those with an infantile nasal accent which should be French and before it is a place in a cartoon.
revealed in this 25-hour adventure
Siege of Dragonspear only provokes that epic feeling only in rare moments, exclusively thanks to recycled musical themes from the original, as well as new compositions by Sem Hulik. The scriptwriter responsible for the literary material of Dragonspear, led by the conviction that the original Baldur’s Gate was too male-chauvinistic, had nothing to do with the key parts of the story by forcefully engaging homosexuals and transvestites.

There would be nothing controversial about the fact that such details were put into the service of the story, but these are the characters that are the only defining characteristic of being gay, and they are inflicted without a measure on their nose, and hypocritical lining to a particular demographic group.
25+ hours of gameplay
So much about the relation to the original material and the audience, and that the aforementioned lady actually played BG would know that it contained some of the best-written, in every sense the most powerful female characters that the world of computer games ever saw. Who cares about this kind of agitation in digital form?

Every person who is healthy thinking, regardless of sex and sexual orientation, is not perfectly interested in the live, heterosexual, and homo, not, or whatever, and just not wanting to be exposed to it in a fantasy RPG game. Leave us alone, let us dragons of dragons alone.

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