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Aviary Attorney was set up shortly after the July Revolution, following the arrival of Louis Philip to the throne ahead of the hidden preparations for another revolution. The protagonist is Jackie Jake’s juice, a lawyer of the dubious past, while the real star of his game is his wired assistant Sperouson.

In his youth, Speryzon studied the law purely for posing and soon “fell a year” and left school and devoted himself to private practice. In addition to constantly crashing very bad jokes, it has the extraordinary ability to detect key traces in apparently irrelevant little things.
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The Aviary Attorney is made up of four chapters and consists of several interconnected gaming units that together make it a combination of visual novelties and classic point & click adventures. On the map of the narrow center of Paris, sites that include architectural sights such as Notre Dame and Louvre are being discovered.

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As the current case progresses and an investigation is carried out, it involves a search for material evidence and a conversation with characters, or potential witnesses. Each visit to a site will spend 24 hours, and the time allocated for the investigation is limited.
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When the trial day comes, the process itself consists of cross-examination of witnesses and presentation of previously collected evidence; the jury’s reaction will depend on your lawyer’s role, and therefore the outcome of the trial. From the aids, you have a picture book and a short biography of all the witnesses you met in the game, a box of evidence and a wallet.

Money is mostly used for bribery, and it will be most needed during the third chapter. In case your steam disappears, head back to a nearby tavern and play a mini-game in a blackjack game with local drunks. The specific graphic style of Aviary Attorney owes Jean-Jacques Granville, cartoonists who lived and worked during the first half of the 19th century.
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Music accompaniment is great, although there was no room for mistakes because the classic compositions of Kamija Sen-Sansa were used. It is obvious that this title lends a lot to Ace Attorney games and, with a healthy humor and charm just like a famous model, lacks the depth of the aforementioned Capcom series.

The problems that the lawyer-bird duo will work on is simple, their resolution will not overdo anyone. The Aviary Attorney is intriguing, full of dangerous craft and somewhat non-linear with three different endings appropriately called liberté, égalité and fraternité.

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