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Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia is not only the last but probably the best and most interesting game in this series. A month after the Indian adventure of the killer Arbaz, the last game in this series is finally in front of us. Although we regret the fact that the period of the fall of the Russian Empire will not be experienced in any variant full of Assassin’s Creed titles, it remains to us that the third part of Chronicle is certainly the most interesting game of this type.

The action takes place during the turmoil after the October Revolution, the overthrowing and detention of Emperor Nikolay Romanov, and the strengthening of the Russian branch of the Templar Order, with the expressive expulsion of the opposing, Assyrian sect.
aftermath of October Revolution
You are in the role of Nikolai Oreloff, an old assassin who before the fall to America agrees to do another last job for his employers. It will be revealed that the theft of the Precursor Box of a certain Ezia from the Ipatian House, a house where hostages were held by members of the Romanov family on the night of their infamous execution, will be revealed.

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Orelov is able to save the Bolsheviks from the Bolsheviks only to Princess Anastasia, who from that moment becomes his ally and personality that you will alternately manage at the next levels. The tapes bring a classic quest for the aforementioned artifacts of the First Civilizations, secret experiments in the Tunguska region, which included Nikola Tesla, as well as additional discoveries related to Anastasia’s skill in the use of daggers, linking events and characters from the previous Chronicles games.
and escape from Moscow
Due to the time-geographical framework in which the third game is placed, the already recognizable way of playing and crossing the level is enriched with several new moments. Eagle is now armed with a rifle, which you can use to deter, smoke bombs for disorientation of guards, as well as a metal cable hook for opening certain doors and openings, or overloading electrical traps and obstacles.

At levels, distracting attention and relocation of guards are now possible through telephone calls, delaying ventilation openings and whistling at their distant ends, neutralizing electrical sources of light by said cable and hook, and avoiding hazardous mines using a magnetic card.
Experience the thrill of being a stealthy Assassin
On the graphic side, the game is full of hits, and it represents a successful recreation of the early Russian propaganda visual style, with lots of red, black and gray that contributes to the atmosphere in the right way. In the rest, there is not much surprise, and if you have crossed the previous two games, there is no reason not to play Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia.

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