Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India Download (PC, Android)

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The chronological map of the Assassin’s Creed saga of Indian sequences was deposited in 1841, the Player is in the role of the hero, the Arbaaz Mira Mirabell. When the hideous Templars kidnapped his mentor Hamid, the recruiter who trained him to put his acrobatic-combat skills at the service of the assassination order, Arbaaz began a mission of righteous vengeance and rescue.

Things will be added when he learns about the legendary diamond Koh-I-Nur, which will soon turn out to be one of the lost artifacts of the first civilization, and is inextricably linked to the location of several new vaults of the aforementioned race.
19th century Colonial India
Playing mechanics, gameplay elements remain the same, linear levels that are lowered on the tape, a stealth approach approach when crossing them, unlocking defensive offensive passive aggressive skills, weapons and pieces of equipment, and several side-by-side modes for rapidly passing through the ready map.

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Levels are labyrinths which, as a rule, stream to the right, full of fixed bonuses that you can pick up. Animus orbits, altitude angles, followed by a hay hunt and chests containing additional scripts to understand the story.
legendary landmarks
Depending on the way in which the individual levels of the level are crossed, the evaluation of your game is repeatedly evaluated, by multiplying the earned points with which you unlock some moves or make some other bonuses.

The guards respond aggressively to your presence once they discover your presence. Fighting them is harder and requires the lightning coordination of your defensive and attacking moves, especially due to the fact that (due to the historical context), most of them come armed with rifle revolvers, muskets and blenderbas shotguns.
smart and charming Assassin
The animation of the characters is good, although it is noticeable that the main hero is fairly artificially moving and beautiful for level elements depending on your actions, for example, longer and more unnatural jumps and the like. If you liked the previous game, we recommend that you play this part too.

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