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Action Legion brings some moments of hits from some of the past times, with nice graphics and functional game mechanics. Action Legion acts as something that relies heavily on the concepts of the classic Cannon Fodder.
classics such as Cannon Fodder
In ancient times, Amiga was a game called Cannon Fodder, at first glance a hilarious squad-based game, but it’s actually a great and challenging tactical puzzle, where it was equally important to brainstorm and have quick reflexes.

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In the sea of repetitive and visually almost identical levels, take a small detachment of space marines whose sole task is to squash opponents and their military installations on a distant, inhospitable planet, finding a teleport to exit once all the lenses are done.
Fight your way through waves of enemies
There are no advanced tasks or unexpected moments in missions, no striking levels, no identification or care for soldiers, there is no careful equipping of characters before missions, and the only parallels that the game pulls with Cannon Fodder patterns are reflected in the permanent loss of soldiers.

At levels, you will encounter broken generic boxes, which are sometimes left with intelligent inputs that effectively explain the true nature and pre-history of your invasion on the planet. This small but valuable element of the game is among the rarely legendary Action Legion.
defeat the evil forces
On the positive side, there is also a correct control mechanics that provides the necessary fluidity when playing, a well-mapped map without having to encounter a camera, a nice graphic and a quality music companion that additionally pumps the atmosphere.

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