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Act of Aggression Reboot Edition is addition to the original Act of Aggression to copy the mechanics of its 11-year-old predecessor: Act of War. What is Reboot edition? In short, what was the original version should have been from the start, but not yet what the players expected.
offers a full gameplay overhaul
There is no more confusing and complicated economy with three resources stored in several different bases, but there is only one – a dollar. It is so much emphasized that when you run out, the game will report the message Not enough dollars.

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Running resources solely on dollars drastically changes the mechanics and balance of the game. Now it’s virtually impossible to completely lose resources, because the system of generating the dollar by keeping the prisoners and objects that generously generate a cash cache greatly eases things.
simplified research system, and many major mechanic
There is no longer juggling with the selection of units and upgrades, and there is no reconnaissance in the search for resources, because oil fields from the very start are visible on the maps. The rest of the changes are reduced to further simplification and return to the roots.

It is much easier to build the base now, because although most of the buildings require proximity to other buildings, the allowed distance between them is extended, and it is now possible to manually manage the builders. This greatly facilitates the planning of the order and the possibility of building multiple objects.
three distinct factions each armed
Many units have experienced facilitation, and some have been omitted to make visual, but also purposeful diversification more pronounced. There are no more than five of the same units with different weapons, nor can each unit be effective against everything with the appropriate apgrejd. Although returned to the old, the airborne system is not at the level seen by the Act of War series.

Act of Aggression: Reboot Edition brings Skirmish and Multiplayer modes, while Eugen systems did not look at the reset campaign. For rare fans of the original version of the Act of Aggression, there is an option to start the game in the old mode.

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