Total War Warhammer Download (PC, Mac +crack)

full game for pc, mac download

full game for pc, mac download
Total War: Warhammer is a fusion of proven concepts with the Empire, Dwarves, Orcs, Vampires and Empire Man presents a reset of the series. Total War is a great game, because it is significantly different from what we are used to. It is still a combination of global moves strategy and real-time tactical battles, only the actors are radically different.
new grand-scale campaign
Gameplay has four factions that are almost completely different from one another: The Dwarfs, The Empire of Man, Greenskins and The Vampire Counts. There are also Chaos Warriors that come in the form of a DLC that was free in the first week. The concept and behavior of each race is followed by the rules of the Games Workshop, which are shaped in a specific one.

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The empire, led by legendary Karl Franck, is the most classical Total War fraction and, in addition to gryphons, wizards and steam tanks, reminds of late Byzantium. Heavy armors, good diplomacy, the possibility of trade with other civilized factions and other features make it ideal for the first campaign. Dwarves make a significant deflection in several directions. They have superlocated units, the strongest artillery, can use underground paths to navigate the strategic map.
play as all Races from both games
Any defeat in a fight or some other unfavorable circumstance is recorded in Book of the Grudges, and you get the quest that is most often related to the vengeance of the faction or its representative who has resented you. Ignore the building you will receive campaign penalties, and by completing them bonuses.

Orcs and goblins have relatively inexpensive and numerical largest units, but also the concept of fictitiouss that keeps them constantly fighting if they want to avoid a rebellion in their own ranks and combat attrition. The success and maximization of the fight will be caused by the famous WAAAGH, when opponents can shave the skin on the spike because the greeners then receive additional free power.
A fantasy strategy game
Vampire counts, fewer sympathetic villains, can raise units from the dead, have powerful magic, but they do not have any remote units, and campaign success can be ensured by the spread of vampire corruption that causes riots and vampire rebellions in the affected territories.

The forces of the chaos function according to the same principle as the Mongolian horde, they have no settlements, nor can they capture them, and the gameplay is reduced to destruction, plundering and setting up temporary camps. Vampires and their forces are spreading corruption, and the hardest to play because of the relatively weak forces they initially have. A major change in relation to the previous sequels concerns the role of the generals who lead the armies and other heroes / agents fighting alongside the troops.
colossal, real-time battles
Instead of a vulnerable unit that provides a variety of bonuses to the troops, these are now the real heroes to send to the front line, where swords, hammers and magic will disperse opponents, with the retained role of carcass bonuses in a large diameter. A tactical novelty is also offensive, buff and debuff magic that can be useful when thrown by high-level heroes.

You can equip Heroes with weapons, armor, claws, talismans and other aids that you get from the defeated opponents, by which you make those mansions within the army led by the respective hero. Total War: Warhammer will grow by adding other races (scuffed, high, dark, and wood elves, lizardmen …) through DLCs, which will become a worthy substitute for a tabletop in a multiplier.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine

game download + crack

game download + crack
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine is the second in line, and at the same time is the last full-blooded expansion that puts the definitive point on the adventures of Geralt of Riviera. You can immerse yourself in new Geralt’s adventures in one of three ways: starting a new game, instantly launching the contents of the expansion with the predefined character or loading the saved game and continuing from the point you stood on.
role-playing game set in a fantasy universe
You will immerse yourself in the magical world of Blood and Wine located in a separate and independent region, which from that moment becomes equal to other content of the base game. The mentioned kingdom is located in the far south of the map. The central area of the map is dominated by the city of Bukler, above which the dungeon castle is rising as the former capital of the now slaughtered and expelled vilches.

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In addition to standard cleaning of terrain from human and non-human threats and beasts of all kinds, forms and experience levels, the main story of expansion concerns a dangerous serial killer who, apparently at random, retires the more visible knight veterans of the kingdom. The situation is complex and colored with all the colors of the moral spectrum, while Geralt reveals dark secrets and relationships between characters.
the massive open world
The tasks, problems, challenges and concerns that will be found before Geralt are well-conceived, written, cut, crafted and conceived, and it is a real pleasure to go through a new set of missions. The Tusant is obsessed with enemies of a high degree of danger, some are unique and often profiled through specific quests in which you will meet them, while the presence of several copies from previous expansions is notable.

Geralta refers to the insertion of new specialties and skills for optimal handling of signs, as well as instances in which you will search for several sets of advanced wrecking equipment diagrams, according to which a city blacksmith will draw you armor and weapons with special bonuses. This ultimate battle is coming at a very high price, both in terms of the dangers you will encounter and the preconditions and ingredients you will need for their creation.
explore forgotten ruins, caves and shipwrecks
Blood and Wine will allow Geralt to buy the property with the house, because you will quickly become the owner and the abandoned farm with the vineyard, where you can restore the old glow and appearance, through a host of expensive upgrades and restoration. Gvent! The favorite razbibriga of each destination traveler brings a mild visual redesign of tickets, several new capabilities, and a main fighter in the form of a new faction whose decks rest on the use of raw force and associated bonuses.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine has fantastic graphics that are enriched with a bunch of new details, and a special applause deserves a synopsis of new music sections that are back at the height of the task. If your heart plays the meaning of Witcher 3, Blood and Wine is a must-have and organic part.

Hearts of Iron IV Download (PC, Mac)

apk, pc game download

apk, pc game download
Hearts of Iron IV puts you in the role of a leader of the representatives of the geopolitical and military series of any country on the planet during the Second World War. Gameplay is in some elements simpler than the previous one, while in the other it is more complex. Relatively serious changes are present in all segments, from politics, through economics, to war, with the exception of diplomacy.
Victory is at your fingertips
While the world boldly rattles towards another, probably the last great war, it is not fierce to remember that the planet was roaring in the past. The Second World War, in its entirety, is traditionally the most entertaining being presented through grandiose strategies. Although you can choose any weaker country, playing is incomparably more interesting if it is experienced from the perspective of one of the great powers or a state that is strong enough to leave its mark.

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The roots of political engagement in the game are the political points that you spend on changing state laws, diplomatic action and the engagement of historical figures that give different bonuses in all spheres of functioning of the state. The best new element is the designer of the division that allows absolute freedom in designing your armed forces.
command of any nation in World War II
Any amendment to divine templates requires the use of military experience that you gain by training units, participating in wars, or you receive it as a bonus from a talented theoretician who you recruited for political points, so that you can not remember the changes, but when you can pay them. Resource economics and trade are also simplified and changed for the better.

The industry is sharply divided into civilian and military, with the possibility of converting factories as needed in the event of war, converting civilian to military. In peace, civilian factories are the basis of everything, because with the help of them, you build infrastructure, military factories, fortifications and literally all other improvements in the territories.
greatest military leader in the world
If, for example, you are filling a steel or a tire for the production of weapons, you will do a dilemma with the countries that export them and in return give a certain amount of consumer goods that the civilian factories automatically make. The military industry is also greatly conceived, because, as in reality, the production of weapons and equipment is separated from the hull recruitment.

Groups of armies and fronts are now grouped under the command of individual generals. This makes planning easier and eliminates the complete automation of warfare. You can determine the direction of action, the line of defense, and some extent to define an action dashboard for the generals and their groups of armies, but fines, especially those that encircle and destroy environments in the environment, require your manual input to achieve maximum results.
change the fate of the world
Hearts of Iron IV looks really impressive. Zooming the map is leaping, every level of zoom now brings a fantastic new layer of detail. Opposite AI is relatively easy and can easily be exploited, for example, by the production of a large number of infantry units and by completely ignoring aviation in a mission to conquer most of continental Europe. You can increase the challenge by raising the level of difficulty, but by doing so you give yourself the production penalties, and the opponent, unfortunately, does not become more intelligent.

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The East New World Download (PC, APK)

apk, pc game download

apk, pc game download
The East New World confirms the unwritten rule that the Chinese are masters of borrowing other ideas and repackaging in a nuisance of different packaging. Experienced eye players with decades of experience will immediately notice that this is a clone of the Wonderboy series, specifically Monsterland and Dragon’s Trap.
high quality pixel art style
The player is in the role of a hero to save the world, the main hero’s development path to a powerful armor hero, through basic RPG elements and collecting coins. As you swung the sword that is five times higher than you and fight for freedom, during this platform adventure you will meet various characters like the floating furry creature named Pudding, some of which will permanently settle in the initial village, after which for financial compensation offer new pieces of equipment and various tasks.

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The gameplay is full of hidden passages and secret chambers, and some of them are hiding souvenirs by which they edit the interior of their house. Sooner or later you will not be able to clean a share or a boss, there is a possibility of free return to the previous levels where you can collect exp points to the will of the will.
multiple paths and secret areas
The desire for the best equipment can make it addictive and makes the player go further. However, in the end it all comes down to a few minutes of adventure, the absorption of the slap and another in a series of humiliations, the return to the city and the purchase of a stronger milker, then again attempting to eliminate a stronger opponent, and so on until the day after, so it quickly turns into monotony.

The East New World plays content to offer something, the graphic display works well on the small screens of the phone, but the stretched out on the monitor looks ugly and uninspirational, with an unbearably low eclipse fading. Level design also suffers from lack of imagination.
collectibles and achievements, boss fights
Defined to manage the keyboard or gamepad, you will still need to reach for the mouse while walking through menus and talking with the characters. It is certain that the game is not exactly refined and its origin from mobile devices is noticeable on every corner. Several layers of paint would give her a higher grade, but nevertheless a decent occupation for funny couples.

Shardlight Game Download

pc game no steam

pc game no steam
Shardlight is placed in the world after the apocalypse, where the ruling Aristocracy subtly terrorized the masses. A heroine, Amy Wellard, suffers from the deadly illness of green lung and has to work for Aristocracy to get the chance to participate in the lottery for the vaccine. Soon he comes into contact with the resistance movement, and then begins a ride after which things will never be the same again….
on the day the bombs fell
Shardlight is primarily a short story, while the puzzles are light and serve to drag players into the world of gameplay, filled with lots of interesting details and ideas. The unnamed city in which the game takes place represents a mixture of cultures and epochs: the dominant shadow of the fifties, modern technology, decadent aristocracy, Victorian-style cultures.

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Atmosphere also contributes to audio-visual characteristics, re-rendering a brown-yellow post-apocalypse, but the world is otherwise visually well built. Events get gurgled, numerous characters get new roles and show that they are not just talking to them once, the topics are crystallized and it becomes clear that almost every part of the story is well integrated into a meaningful whole.
oligarchy that controls all resources
Amy is a lovely heroine, we lock her in a city where she spent her entire life. Her history, clear, benevolent motives, and relationships with friends make you lose the real person, which is backed up by good acting. The problem is the dialogues, not only because they are uninterestingly written, but also because the characters have nothing special, clever, lucid or witty to say.

The motives of the main villain are superficial and unconvincingly presented, and the most interesting mystery of the game, who are red-eyed redheads that follow Amy and how they relate to the cult of Reaper, is at the same time the biggest disappointment. In the global, it seems that the author tried the story, but failed to raise it above the level of a solid pulp. However, since in the world of games we rarely see really good stories, and solid pulp is a beautiful sight.
qualify for the vaccine lottery
To make his next game, Unavowed, Wayet Eye uses Unity instead of a weak AGS engine that runs almost all of their previous games, including this one. As more and better quality monitors become standard, their low-resolution adventures are getting worse and poorer in the full screen, and it was high time we started getting them in HD.

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Act of Aggression Reboot Edition Download

full game download

full game download
Act of Aggression Reboot Edition is addition to the original Act of Aggression to copy the mechanics of its 11-year-old predecessor: Act of War. What is Reboot edition? In short, what was the original version should have been from the start, but not yet what the players expected.
offers a full gameplay overhaul
There is no more confusing and complicated economy with three resources stored in several different bases, but there is only one – a dollar. It is so much emphasized that when you run out, the game will report the message Not enough dollars.

Full PC game + reboot edition, download it here

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Running resources solely on dollars drastically changes the mechanics and balance of the game. Now it’s virtually impossible to completely lose resources, because the system of generating the dollar by keeping the prisoners and objects that generously generate a cash cache greatly eases things.
simplified research system, and many major mechanic
There is no longer juggling with the selection of units and upgrades, and there is no reconnaissance in the search for resources, because oil fields from the very start are visible on the maps. The rest of the changes are reduced to further simplification and return to the roots.

It is much easier to build the base now, because although most of the buildings require proximity to other buildings, the allowed distance between them is extended, and it is now possible to manually manage the builders. This greatly facilitates the planning of the order and the possibility of building multiple objects.
three distinct factions each armed
Many units have experienced facilitation, and some have been omitted to make visual, but also purposeful diversification more pronounced. There are no more than five of the same units with different weapons, nor can each unit be effective against everything with the appropriate apgrejd. Although returned to the old, the airborne system is not at the level seen by the Act of War series.

Act of Aggression: Reboot Edition brings Skirmish and Multiplayer modes, while Eugen systems did not look at the reset campaign. For rare fans of the original version of the Act of Aggression, there is an option to start the game in the old mode.

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March of the Living Game Download

pc game download
March of the Living is a zombie apocalypse trained in FTL mechanics, starting from the genre assumption that only the one who is moving constantly has the chance of survival in a zombie world, and puts you in the role of a character crossing from end to end of the state in search of an ex-wife and a minor child.
Rogue Stormers combines modern art style
March of the Living is conceived as a FTL, moving from one to the other resting place, making choices in situational dilemmas, searching for supplies and fighting zombies. At the beginning you are alone, you have a revolver, twenty bullets, food for several days. On the map, you will select the closest road node and run automatically to the destination.

Full PC game, download it here

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You will pass miles, the days will shift the nights that will give way to the days, and the hunger and fatigue scales will begin to lightly inflate and require rest in a safe location or in the middle of the road, with the risk of awakening the sounds of the zombies that attack you. At the end of each stage, one situation dilemma awaits you: The choice between options a, b, c, for which you must meet the requirements or have the necessary item in the inventory, may have a good, bad or neutral consequence.
stronger with each new raid
In urban areas, you will search for supplies, calculating the time for salvaging with the risk of hitting zombies. Food and ammunition will be worth more than gold: a few days of skipping meals will diminish your health bar to an unintentional death, and if you do not have ammunition, you will have to zombies to darken with sharp or dumb objects and risk an infection.

Sometimes you will have the opportunity to recruit escorts, choosing between easier fighting in society and higher consumption of valuable food. March of the Living is tougher than FTL because it is more random and less predictable. This is one of those games where every thirty-odd party ends with success. These are similar Rogue-lite games that you can download here.

Rogue Stormers Download for PC

pc game download free

pc game download free
Rogue Stormers is a 2.5D twin stick shooter that involves separate controls for movement and targeting, and after accessing the action, borrows elements of Metal Slug. In this platform shooter, the goal is the same as in each other, it paves the way through the enemy’s army, break through to the main boss at the end of the level.
If you die, you'll be back at square one
Basic weapons do not have limited ammunition, while significantly more dangerous secondary guns collect by the way and have to cool down after use. Rocket boots will be used to reach higher platforms and avoid enemy cannons. The arsenal of weapons is diverse like: grenade launchers, sticky bombs, rotating bored and portable black hole generator.

PC game, download it here

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Life will also complicate the terrain obstacles in the form of burnt pipes and mined bridges, although some of them can be turned to your advantage. You start with Universe Brecht, while the other characters, each with different qualities and a unique specimen, are unlocked by crossing individual levels. The unique difference with respect to the usual shooter is the collection of experience points that Stormers gives to a specific RPG note.
play in a unique fashion
If you thought that these points are automatically acquired by the elimination of an opponent, you are cheating because the exp is only in the form of random drop. Get ready for the endless hours of grind that will ultimately be rewarded with the choice between the two random wings that remain available in each new party, but must unlock for each character again.

Loss of a complete arsenal after your opponents kill you and restart from the first level. Rogue Stormers is adorned with colorful animated-style graphics, although the actors are delicate and you can not spot your own cursor in the heat of battle. In co-op mode, all players share the same screen, which is inevitable when playing in the network line, but loses sense when the action moves online. These are similar Rogue-lite games that you can download here.

SpeedRunners Download (PC, Xbox, PS4)

activation cd key for pc, xbox or ps4

activation cd key for pc, xbox or ps4
SpeedRunners is delighted with minimalism, both in the field of technical characteristics and in the sphere of the gameplay itself. In the unusual New Rush City there are so many super-heroes that there are not enough criminals for everything, so unusual races are being organized that winners get the right to love offenders. The action is quick and crazy and it’s just as long to keep you on the edge of the chair.

Here you get SpeedRunners CD Key. With which you’ll activate the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

The right to compel the first next offender will be the super hero who wins in an unusual race. They take place at various locations in the city, they are circular in character and they involve four superheroes at the same time. Paths are full of natural obstacles and objects, so the heroes must be careful not to hit their pillars, not to clutter for scattered boxes, not to fall into the openings for maintenance of the installation, and so on.
Welcome to SpeedRunners
The obstacles can be skipped, narrow passes to overcome by sliding in the crochet position, and there is also a hook with a rope that at any moment can be clamped to a ceiling or platform. For specific situations, a turbo running mode is used which consumes energy, which can, again, be restored by crossing over specially marked regions.

The players can throw a cursed rocket towards their opponent, they can snoop the prefabricated box behind them, and so the plot of the unfortunate ones that encounter it can use the rays that lay everything on their way, and there is also the possibility of firing huge glowing balls, activating paralyzing waves, using a grip on a rope to attract an opponent, and more.
Run, jump, swing around, fire rockets
You do not need to be too quick to win, because the rounds play out – when the edge of the screen gets to be eliminated, and the process is repeated until there is only one left on the battlefield. In order to eliminate endless parties, the screen decreases after a while, and thus also reduces the terminal space that needs to be made between the two heroes.

The first player to win three victories is declared the overall winner and for this he gets experience points that open his way as new shares, more destructive weapons and powers, or new heroes. At this moment, there are as many as 24 superheroes and 17 arena. A campaign has been implemented to improve the skills and accumulate a sufficient number of experience points.
2 players on a couch against 2 other players
Thus, for example, official online matches can not be played until you reach the fifth level of experience, but that does not mean that until now you will not have anything to do. On the contrary! You can play flax nets against your buddy, and even set things up so that online players or bots can participate in batches.

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Shadow of the Beast PlayStation 4

ps4 activation cd key

ps4 activation cd key
Shadow of the Beast is a 2D combination of the platform and the struggle wrapped by occasional lightweight spatial puzzles. Gameplay very elegantly escalates the level of challenges, both in the form of fighting and in the form of spatial navigation, gradually introducing you one by one new element.

Here you get Shadow of the Beast CD Key. With which you’ll activate the game for Play Station 4. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Shadow of the Beast has very little to do with the archaic original that is attached to the remake and adapted for playing in 1080p. Shadow of the Beast follows a short but ultrathin episode in which the titular humanoid beast Aarbron confronts its magical torturers who kidnapped her as a human baby and mutated into a supernatural fury that sows terror.
Shadow of the Beast ps4
Instead of a continual adventure, the game is divided into zonal and thematic levels that make up closed units and represent fragments of the story of falling, stagnation and cruel revenge. The basic elements of the gamble are the 2D landscape navigation and the battle with hand blades with opponents that massively pop up in predefined places.

Regardless of the differences in architecture, each level is conceived in a similar way and it comes down to the left-to-right punch and the final boss with the boss. Levels still have something to do with the original, but the opponent’s bestiarium is largely designed and designed from scratch. In the original, you had one shot with a hand that solved everything, but now you have the ability to fight combinatorics and special moves that you will use depending on the number and type of opponents you are facing.
Take control of the beast Aarbron
In the end, you will also receive firearms that use a shared resource (blood) that drinks and special moves. Field riddles are relatively simple, but in the end they require you to bite your little head and jump into what is expected of you. The last level is different from all that you have survived and comes in the form of a shooter that has long been no longer a real one, it was a real refreshment.

Shadow of the Beast is also designed to achieve the best possible result, which you can compare with other players, because it forces you to rank the ranks and evaluates you medals. At the end of each level, the earned score converts you into a mismanagement point that serves as a currency for the promotion of character and shopping.
search of the evil mage Maletoth
In addition to upgrading Aarbron’s health, combat strokes and other active and passive disciplines and features, you can buy the original Shadow of the Beast, soundtrack and concept art for you. Shadow of the Beast is exciting, explosive, highly infectious and objectively better than the original.

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