Tharsis Game Download (PC Android iOS)

game download for pc, android or ios

game download for pc, android or ios
Tharsis is a turn-based strategy, gameplay takes place in space, using dice and cannibalism! The first human crew was sent to examine the mysterious signal originating from Mars. Shortly before entering the Mars orbit, the ship was hit by meteorites, which destroyed most of the food supplies and kills two crew members.

The four survivors of the cosmonaut have no alternative but to extend to the goal, hoping that the ship will remain in one piece and will find enough food using alternative methods. Ten weeks before entering the orbit of Mars, there are ten moves that the crew and the ship must survive.
turn-based strategy
Happiness in throwing dice … The beginning of every move is brought by the so-called. event phase, in which several ship modules suffer a random damage, indicated by the numerical intensity and type of consequences for the ship, stock or cosmonaut.

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Errors in the navigation computer, a fuel tank failure, the bursting of radioactive liquid pipes, maintenance failures and other problems require engaging a crew member to enter the damaged module and to throw the dice to repair the malfunction.
entering the Mars orbit
Each crew member has a scale of health, a scale of mental stability, and a number of dice that can be dropped in one stroke. If you send a member (with three dice) to solve the intensity problem 28, he can theoretically correct it for 18 points, provided he casts three sixths, so another module member will have to enter the damaged module in order to repair the module .

So the two crew members to the end of the current round will not be able to do anything else. Entering the damaged module often results in a fall in the health line of a member sent to repair it. Depending on the severity of the defect (represented by the numerical value), certain throw results may have one of the three (or two, or all three) consequences: void, stasis or injury.
four survivors of the crew
Void means that the cube is being nullified, stasis freezing on the winning number, and the injury wounded by the cosmonaut for the value obtained on the cube. Imagine now a situation in which a cosmonaut with a lot of HP points, (with five available dice) sent to repair a motor that was hit by a meteor, and in which the throke, fifth, and sixth throws involve immediate injury.

Of the five dice cast, there will always be one that does not need, and if the cosmonaut has only one segment of the HP line, it will die before it does anything. Does the game have any tactics or is it all diced? There are, but in minimal doses. Each cosmonaut has one specialty that he can activate if he gets a fifth or sixth in his modulus repair.
ship was hit by meteorites
The mechanic, therefore, can repair one segment of the ship’s HP, the specialist has the option of one additional reroll cube, the captain can provide one additional dice for all the cosmonauts who found themselves in one module, the doctor curing himself a segment of the HP- and other members.

Dice that is surplus and for some reason can not be used for the “trigger” special abilities, you can put in a special repository research to get random bonuses. You can feed the crew to the remains of a fallen crew member, this will permanently reduce HP, but will allow them to survive the next move.

Oxenfree Download (PC Mac APK iOS)

download for pc, mac, android or ios

download for pc, mac, android or ios
Oxenfree is a research adventure with an emphasis on conversation and the development of interpersonal relationships. There are elements of social drama, horror, and adventure. A group of friends comes to Edvards Island with a plan to spend the weekend on the beach, with camp fire.

There was once a military base on the island, and now there is just a dormant coastal town where all the shops are closed, and rarely the population has an overwhelming desire to socialize and go to sleep but with the first dusk. An ideal destination for a group of teenagers to get rid of their family and escape from civilization.
weekend on the beach
The place has a rich history, and, of course, not scarce with legends, sank the submarine near the coast, referring to the death of all eighty-five crew members. In certain places on the island, the radio can capture strange dreadful sounds that resemble human voices, at frequencies that do not belong to any single known radio station.

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The previous curious researchers of this urban legend would allegedly have stoned stones in such places so that those who come after them could be convinced of the truth of the story. Alex, the protagonist of the game, will, for these reasons, bring the radio to the island, and curiosity and the desire for research will soon be taken to places where she definitely did not want to be found.
sank the submarine
The conversation in the game almost never stops and the most natural one we ever had had the opportunity to hear, ideas about what should be said at a given moment in a very short time interval (in the form of a cloud). We will have only two or three seconds to decide about the direction in which direction we will have to go (after which one of the friends will turn the conversation in a different direction or change the subject), we can always keep in mind what was at first sight of us to say , and wait for the reaction of others.

the system in the most possible possible way emulates everyday communication, the mode of communication lies in the danger of everything getting into boredom, which, fortunately, is not the case here. There are also challenges that will set their own past before them. The way Alex, Clarice and Jonas will fight losing loved ones!
strange dreadful sounds
An unusual graphic style is something that does not happen every day, and it resembles a mixture of collage and watercolor. Two-dimensional backgrounds combined with tiny characters that can not be seen by facial expressions. sound does not lag behind, so mysterious radio-frequencies hear bizarre sounds that act authentically and raise the atmosphere to an even higher level.

An unusual graphic style is something that does not happen every day, and it resembles a mixture of collage and watercolor. we will have the opportunity to compare our choices with the choices of other players, and we see the extent to which the decisions made during the game, concerning the fate of the characters, coincide with the decisions of the majority.

Irfanview mage Viewer

image viewer

image viewer
IrfanView is a quick, little, minimal and creative, It is intended to be basic for learners and capable for experts. Image viewer for windows: 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10.

Viewer tries to make remarkable, new and intriguing highlights, dissimilar to some other realistic watchers, whose entire innovativeness depends on include cloning, taking of thoughts and entire discoursed from ACDSee and additionally Irfanview. (example: XnView has been stealing/cloning features and whole dialogs from Irfanview, more than 10 years).

One of the principal realistic watchers worlwide with multipage TIF bolster, likewise first Windows realistic watcher worlwide with multiple (enlivened) GIF support. The fundamental PlugIn adaptation will be introduced with IrfanView.

You can download it here



This plugIn demonstrates a context menu for some Irfanview operations in windows explorer or other document administrators. You can choose a few records and: play slideshow, load picture in thumbnails window, start JPG lossless rotation or convert pictures to another format.

Install additional languages

  1. Download the language here
  2. Unzip the downloaded file into “IrfanView\Languages\” folder
  3. Start Irfanview and go to, “Properties->Language” to change language

UnderRail PC Download

pc game download

pc game download
Stygian Software has made a hard-core post-apocalyptic RPG, a massive RPG in the style of the first Fallout! The authors of UnderRail inspiration were drawn from the Metro 2033 / Last Light of the World, primarily in terms of an environment in which the remains of humanity found shelter after cataclysm.

Tunnels and subway stations form the foundation of a new civilization, which, in addition to internal conflicts and political turmoil, is threatened by the mysterious cult of the Faceless, which legend says that they come from the unexplored depths of the underground world and never leave their dead on the battlefield.
skills tree
As an anonymous newcomer to one of the smaller independent cells / policies, you will have to prove yourself to your hosts in solving their accumulated problems, during which you will find yourself on the tracks of wider conspiracy that threatens to endanger the fragile balance of the rest of the civilization.

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UnderRail is based on a complex RPG system that is systemically almost identical to S.P.E.C.I.A.L.’s that existed in Fallout. Here we have primary characteristics, a table of skills with numerical value and their common derivatives through the system of feats.
In the initial linear phase that lasts for about ten hours, the gameplay is heavy, especially when your world does not open a little, so I’m sure you’ll restart it at least once when you figure out you’re wrong.
complexes inventory
Fighting in the game is moving and based on the cooldown system, grenades and special attacks, and depending on individual affinities, you can carry out fire and cold weapons, with the addition of incomparably more efficient PSI attacks. At the beginning of the game you have an extremely interesting choice: you can opt for a normal inflow of XP through quest and killing opponents, and you can also choose the so-called. A “oddity” system through which you advance by finding interesting artifacts.

The other system is interesting because it deepens the gameplay and somewhat performs the function of literary and audio logs. Artifacts vary from the “ancient communication device”, through fragments of old encyclopaedias, to parts of the body of mutated animals from which our hero extrapolates the experience with the outside world.
conversation with npc
The first ten hours of the gameplay serve as a kind of exercise room for horrors that await you below and a test of patience. If you successfully solve the quest in the starting station and the Junkyard settlement, you will have the opportunity to explore, without limitations, the oiled and dangerous world of the underworld. The game has a number of big problems, complete weight imbalances and an extremely clumsy interface.

UnderRail is a game in which you will spend more time digging in inventory than walking around the world, typing in small objects icons, crafting materials, grenades, first aid injection, and everything else you may need in and out of combat. An endless inventory punch with hundreds of objects is something you will need to get used to unconditionally.

Aviary Attorney Download

download for free

download for free
Aviary Attorney was set up shortly after the July Revolution, following the arrival of Louis Philip to the throne ahead of the hidden preparations for another revolution. The protagonist is Jackie Jake’s juice, a lawyer of the dubious past, while the real star of his game is his wired assistant Sperouson.

In his youth, Speryzon studied the law purely for posing and soon “fell a year” and left school and devoted himself to private practice. In addition to constantly crashing very bad jokes, it has the extraordinary ability to detect key traces in apparently irrelevant little things.
pc gameplay
The Aviary Attorney is made up of four chapters and consists of several interconnected gaming units that together make it a combination of visual novelties and classic point & click adventures. On the map of the narrow center of Paris, sites that include architectural sights such as Notre Dame and Louvre are being discovered.

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As the current case progresses and an investigation is carried out, it involves a search for material evidence and a conversation with characters, or potential witnesses. Each visit to a site will spend 24 hours, and the time allocated for the investigation is limited.
steam game download
When the trial day comes, the process itself consists of cross-examination of witnesses and presentation of previously collected evidence; the jury’s reaction will depend on your lawyer’s role, and therefore the outcome of the trial. From the aids, you have a picture book and a short biography of all the witnesses you met in the game, a box of evidence and a wallet.

Money is mostly used for bribery, and it will be most needed during the third chapter. In case your steam disappears, head back to a nearby tavern and play a mini-game in a blackjack game with local drunks. The specific graphic style of Aviary Attorney owes Jean-Jacques Granville, cartoonists who lived and worked during the first half of the 19th century.
play pc game
Music accompaniment is great, although there was no room for mistakes because the classic compositions of Kamija Sen-Sansa were used. It is obvious that this title lends a lot to Ace Attorney games and, with a healthy humor and charm just like a famous model, lacks the depth of the aforementioned Capcom series.

The problems that the lawyer-bird duo will work on is simple, their resolution will not overdo anyone. The Aviary Attorney is intriguing, full of dangerous craft and somewhat non-linear with three different endings appropriately called liberté, égalité and fraternité.

Elite Dangerous Horizons Season Pass Code

how to get season pass code

how to get season pass code
Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a stand-alone expansion for last year’s Elite reboot, Horizons does not require you to have a basic game (25% is cheaper if you have one) and to provide one-year free DLC packages that give the add-on full potential.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Pass Code, you are at the right place. Here you can download season key with which you’ll activate the game. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step.

Must read first, how to get keygen

  1. Download Generator
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  3. Use activation code
  4. Play online, enjoy it
generate pass code season pass code download

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Step by step instruction

The basic novelty brought by Horizons is the ability to land on planets and months that have no atmosphere, mining, fighting, solving some quest and surface research. Suborbital flight and landing on celestial bodies with atmosphere have not been implemented so far.
choose your ship
To make the landing on the planets technically feasible and make sense, you need to equip the ship with two additives, of which the first, planetary approach suite should be magically automatically materialized in the inventory of anyone who purchased the expansion. The other part is a hangar for rovers that you can install in any better equipped station, sacrificing a medium sized slot.

You bought a hangar, picked a naked moon at some remote corner of the galaxy, shaken the Frame Shift Drive, flew into the orbital mode, rode over the surface for a few minutes, found a flat crater, landed in it and unloaded the rover to the surface. And what now? If you have not downloaded a specific quest that has to do with the delivery of goods to a superficial base or outpost, you can only drive lifeless dynamos in search of ore fragments.
buy turret gun
Theoretically, jumping over the surface of celestial bodies as a point may have a search for wrecks of space ships and research, although the fruits of such curiosity are quite rare. However, the recent invention of extraterrestrial artifacts on the surface of the planet Merope 5C has temporarily burst out the community’s research impulse and initiated a massive search for other anomalies of the same type.

Frontier Developments has long promised that aliens will be an integral part of the game. The Rover is equipped with two light cans, so you can use it to attack the surface installations. In the next year, Horizons should be filled with additional content.
fighting in the universe
The development team promised crafting ship components, which should give the wind in the back of mining and cheering for rare metals and components, cooperative flying in ships for more crew members, a larger class of ships with their own hunters, the ability to fine-tune your avatar.

Like the basic game, and Elite Dangerous: Horizons finishes using the fact that virtually no competition in the world of modern space trade-fighting simulations. As things stand, the Frontier Developments team will not be too frustrated to play the game full of content that hungry fans are loudly demanding.
Choose a mission