Table Top Racing World Tour CD Key

activate code for xbox one, ps4 or pc

activate code for xbox one, ps4 or pc
Table Top Racing: World Tour is a simulation of racing cars to remote control with a few interesting ideas. There are at your disposal a dozen remote control cars divided into three groups, including Imprece, R34 Skyline, Beetle and Mini Morris, and a well-known vanquishing van with a nice name called Braking’s Bad.

Here you get Table Top Racing World Tour Activation CD Key. With which you’ll activate the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

Each of these cars adorns special features that are enhanced by the subsequent installation of new parts. In addition to the standard items related to speed and stability, you can also install several types of special wheels on your car, the most beneficial golden ones being a bonus for earned money.
8 Player PvP multiplayer
Apgrejd is an imperative because your opponents progress alongside you and you will not get far from the stock car. In addition to regular races with rivals or time and drifting, the most interesting are combat and elimination regimes, as they involve the collection of defensive, or murderous powerboats scattered along the track. In addition to the turbocharged, there are rockets, ice cubes that instantly immobilize the target, acid bars and an electric shock for disabling the battery in the opponent’s vehicle.

During the race involving opponents on the track you always start at the back. In the name of revenge, after winning the championship, you will attend ceremonial throwing of the opponent’s cars into the garbage. Roads where you will cross the tires are car-scrap where your life is aggravated by accumulators and bottles with a lightweight, attic of unknown geckos cluttered with transistors, billiard spheres, models and toys; then, the archaeological site covered with brushes and books, and there is also the Holy Grail, as well as the hat and whip of a certain adventurer; garage with scattered tools, spark plugs and canisters with antifreeze.
6 Unique gameplay modes
Cars on the track behave like half a ton, not a dozen grams. You can freely guide them while in the air. AI does not provide any challenge, especially when you find shortcuts. Once you get to the forehead of the column, provided you are dignifiedly gathering powerups, no one can stop you and the game quickly falls into the abyss of repetition and boredom.

Dropping dust in the dust far behind also eliminates the need to throw money on the armor, because computer rivals simply do not have the chance to hurt you. It is illusory to expect the race of miniatures on a huge surface, but this title simply cries for more tracks that are not short and do not learn by half in half, and more powerful motivation than a mere apricot and so few cars is needed because it does not require skill, for only a couple of hours.
strategic, Power-Up Weapons

The Solus Project PC Download

pc game download

pc game download
The Solus Project is a combination of survival, research and adventure from the first person in which you are looking for a new home for mankind to whom the Earth has become unattractive. The earth is destroyed, and survivors in Pluto’s swamp space fleet near Pluto are waiting for the results of expeditions sent in search of a settled planet. The goal of your team is Gliese-6143-C, a planet where vegetation and atmosphere are similar to the Earth.
adventure with survival elements
When landing, there is an accident and as the only survivor you are moving in search of the resources necessary for survival, exploring the island on which you may not be the only form of life. The rest of the fleet slowly remains without water and fuel. As communication is interrupted, you are compiling a transmitter through the whole game of wrecking parts to confirm that you are alive and submit a report.

Full PC game, download it here

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What is Pip-Boy in the Fallout franchise, it’s Wilson in the Solus Project. Wilson informs you about physical statistics: health, temperature, hunger, thirst, need for sleep and outdoor weather, signaling when a vital function is canceled or when a tornado comes in.
Survive through exploration
The lack of maps works scary at the beginning, because you have no idea what the size of the world you are researching. As a help, the game sets out short-term goals from the beginning: make a torch, find a specific thing, and map the location of the target so you know how many meters of distance and direction it is in.

Unreal 4 engine is a backbone for a world-class designed world with detailed mechanics of celestial bodies, tide and tide, and shift of day and night. The Survival element is most pronounced at the beginning, while you are still getting used to the gameplay mechanics and discovering the limits of your physical endurance.
Unlock the depths of the uncharted planet
Food and water supplies are abundant, the greatest danger threatens from hypothermia, which can easily fall if you crash at night when the temperature drops to minus twenty. What distinguishes The Solus Project from the classic survival game is a well-developed narrative through which elements of adventure are introduced. Walking along the landscape with stone pillars, you encounter the traces of civilization and you begin to wonder how much the island has an epitome lean.

The focus is shifted from a mere survival to the tracking of traces that are suspiciously served to you on the right. Paranoia due to solitude, or is someone watching you? The game gives you the freedom to stray from the goal, examine each path and the treasure and find artifacts in hidden passages. To make things harder, in a few places, you need to solve logical puzzles to continue.
large entirely handcrafted levels to explore
The atmosphere in the game is incredible, supported by an acoustic background that adequately monitors the action. You feel the hopelessness of a hero who is unintentionally the last hope of humanity. You feel the endless loneliness and insignificance of man in front of the universe. At the center, the game gets so angry that it can paralyze the Khholat, turning into a horror story.

The lucky thing is that you can save progress at checkpoints as well as after bedtime, which is possible if weather conditions permit. The weight of the Solus Project is balanced, without sudden leaps and too heavy sequences. The Solus project manages to balance the various elements and provide an enormously good gaming experience.

Turmoil Download for PC, Mac, APK

download it for pc, mac or android

download it for pc, mac or android
Turmoil gameplay puts us in the role of an enthusiast explorer who, at the end of the nineteenth century, drew a few thousand dollars in his pocket to test happiness in search of oil in some remote US city. If you may have thought that this was an introduction to some hardcore business simulation, you were mistakenly mistaken.
19th century in North America
Most of the time you will spend on a single screen, which is almost invisibly scrolled down in the course of the game, revealing a growing space for research. The first step is the sending of specialists of armed robbery to a leased parcel, in order to roughly determine the position of oil reserves. This is followed by the construction of a well and placement of pipes, in order to get this energy out to the surface, and then hire a horse rack for transportation to one of two purchase points.

PC, Mac or Android full version, download it here

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The price of oil will vary arbitrarily throughout the level, so you are forced to continuously juggling between two companies, and if your current price is too low, you can postpone sales until the market recovers. Bores also require bulkheading, at least until you develop a conveyor belt, as the accumulation of crude oil will cause increased pressure and uncontrolled surface spillage with fines at the end of the level.
earn your way to become a successful
Levels are time-limited, and if you manage to extract all of the oil before the expiration of the time limit, you will be expecting a bonus. The country around the town is divided into four regions that you progressively unlock, and each introduces one new detail while playing. The desert landscape will honor you with rocky formations, demanding that you equip wells with reinforced drills, as well as precious diamonds you collect using specially trained moles.

Prerija introduces another resource – natural gas. You can not sell it directly, but by connecting a gas deposit with one of the two companies, you will significantly increase the purchase price of oil. Another option is to increase the performance of some of your wells for a short time, but be prepared to accept an additional amount of oil that will expel the gas pressure to the surface.
make money digging up and selling oil
The last in the snow is covered by a mountainous landscape, where the possibility opens that by enclosing gas pockets by pipeline, you increase the volume of gas, and hence the potential level of profit. There are several facilities in the town, and of course the most important town hall where the lot is leased is by direct competition with other players.

In the half of the campaign, the mayor will begin to sell his share in the offshore business through auctions. The acquisition of a job is in fact the main goal of the campaign, and the winner is a player who ultimately owns at least 51% of the shares. There are also workshops for the purchase of better equipment, one of the mandatory investments is to purchase a scanner with which you accurately locate the oil reserves.
Build a rig, create an efficient pipe network
The expert level of difficulty is in terms of profit-draining, even investing in the improvement of equipment, but nevertheless they are not a particular challenge. A minimalist design with distinctive western iconography, using a limited color palette, simply exudes simplicity, while persuading players that the game offers exactly what it needs – drinking and easy fun without any obligation.

Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter Download

download pc game no stem

download pc game no stem
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter in the skin you are a celebrity detective and you have the task to solve a number of interesting cases using a variety of techniques. As before, there is a questioning of witnesses and suspects, revealing the details on which to build the portrait of a character, but this time for some details you can also choose one of two different conclusions, based on which you will eventually get a more or less complete portrait personality.
fantastic adventure with unique gameplay
If you have quick fingers and in the course of some conversations, you press Q promptly, it will be tested how closely you followed the action with the opportunity to ask a specific question or make a conclusion. You can more or less freely walk the streets of London, sometimes even to find the location, which contributes to the enjoyment of the story and atmosphere as the streets are full of detail.

PC game + crack (no steam), download it here

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Walking does not bring you absolutely any benefits, and you will continue to travel from location to location by car. Already in the first case you will find yourself in the shoes of Little Wiggins and you have to follow the suspect, mostly over the roofs of buildings, with adequate hiding, bypassing accidental sections, finding the way, quick reaction…
investigation, extraordinary experience
It’s still a tough part where you drive the Sherlock through the forest and the swamp as the hunters fly it. In addition to controlling endurance, avoiding enemy hits, and then finding a way through a swamp … In another case, you will need to hide, use objects, and make quick decisions while somebody shoots you … The truth is, you Stocks are not overly heavy and contribute to the excitement of price.

And here cases generally play on the map of the gray zone: no one is a complete villain, like no one is completely innocent. Because of this, there are no wrong conclusions, you are choosing the course of the case itself, as well as its final resolution, for example, whether you will condemn the criminal, release him or maybe kill him.
Track down evil in the darkest corners
Decisions, as before, are made through a system that emulates the work of detective wings: gradually discover different traces, choose between the offered conclusions, link points and make the final decision. This system perfectly contributes to the non-linear nature of the story and is definitely one of the things I love most in Sherlock because it creates the illusion that in some way we are solving the case ourselves.

Other elements of gameplay are more or less standard and are reduced to location research, which is a real pleasure because the rooms and exteriors are incredibly detailed, atmospheric and interesting. With traces found, you can open new threads and dialog, and occasionally will require a return to Sherlock’s home or police station.
deductions and actions affects the rest of the story
It is possible to investigate the archives of newspaper articles or encyclopedias, to perform various chemical experiments, to dress up, to shuffle over the objects of the suspects or to look at the bodies in the morgue… There is still the possibility of activating Sherlock’s supernormal observation power, which, in the illuminated areas.

The puzzles are great, they can be skipped without penalty if they are too heavy, but I would not recommend it because you will remain deprived of really intelligently designed and interesting puzzles. Probably the best part of the whole game is the stories of cases that are really great. These are real Victorian detective cases that sometimes play on the verge of horror and bizarre, very psychologically elaborated, which all contribute to the moral dilemma that awaits you in every resolution. Often there are more suspicious faces and you may have to return to the dialogues and evidence to make sure of your decision – but the right decisions are missing.

rFactor 2 Download Steam Activation CD Key

activate on steam

activate on steam
rFactor 2 is simulator driving uses the Real Road system that mimics the changing conditions on the track by passing through the time of the ultrarealistic model of physics. Worthy thing is that rFactor 2 is actively used in the world of automotive. It is practiced by drivers of many categories, and it is used by the designers themselves who, before the official races, take this game as a benchmark for tuning the car.

Here you get rFactor 2 Steam CD Key. With which you’ll activate the game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

However, when you hear that the game is an integral part of the F1 circus and is used by NASCAR teams, you can not remain indifferent. Because of the ultrarealistic physical model that is extremely dynamic and does not rely on scripts in its work. rFactor is the only game that uses the Real Road system that mimics the changing conditions on the track by running time and can accelerate.
rFactor 2 is a realistic simulator
The consumption of tires and the amount of particles left on the track during the racing weekend is calculated. Gameplay remembers the state of the track between sessions, and even registers the accumulation of garbage along the ideal path. Of course it is also supported by rainy conditions that show all the potentials of the isiMotor 2.5 engine.

You can determine what time it will take during training, qualification or race. You change the timing by segment for each individual session. There are as many as 11 different scenarios: from the beautiful, the blue sky, through the sporadic clouds and the rain drops to the real storm. In addition, you can choose exactly the air temperature, by which the wind blows and from which direction, the likelihood that rain will fall, how much air humidity is, but also at what time drivers are coming out on the path.
ultra realistic dynamics
rFactor 2 is one of the few simulations where you can tilt the car to the roof or even make several pirouettes. The game driving here is penalized in a fraction of a second and results in damage from which you can not recover. You can turn on stagnant mode, but it will not help you much since you have to be a real master for driving.

rFactor 2 is the most difficult simulator we ever had to play, even when you turn on all the cars. It’s not worth the braking and route correction, it’s no good to turn on automatic clutch and gear shifting, the game is demanding. A steering wheel is needed, some with a great power feedback engine that will bring you feelings of hot asphalt under the wheels.
features mixed class road racing
There are 32 tracks in the gameplay, some are known to the general public, some are not, and there are also those legendary that are no longer driving. The number of different settings is far greater because most tracks have several layouts that are used for different competitions and serve for different purposes. It’s similar to cars that exist in different variants and different sets, but we’ll just say that everything is available: from touring four-wheelers, through stock cars, to formulas.

There are also cartoons, IndyCar boards and so on, and the new content is easy and regular because rFactor 2 is the ultimate platform for modding, so the content is in no way missing. The optimization of the visual component by the authors is not on the list of priorities, and the quiet souls can say that the complete visual concept is in the second plan.

The Way Game Download (PC, Mac)

download it here no steam

download it here no steam
The Way is indie game can be compared to legendary titles such as Another World, Flashback etc. The game mechanics shine unexpectedly in a way that is rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking the best titles Amiga’s scene could offer. The Way is a beautiful diamond of the indie scene and is a real refreshment and a compulsory lecture for nostalgics and older players.
story about a member of explorers
The plot starts in the near future, and puts you in the role of an astronaut-scientist who is pinching over the grave of an unhappily lost wife, and also colleagues from the research institute in which they worked together. After a bit of bizarre blasting of the mound and theft of the body, the mission of the protagonist will be to revive his dragon at any cost by going on a planet where traces of ancient alien civilization have been found.

Full PC game (no steam), download it here

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There are no audio logs, long synths or characters that spill the walls of the text. All you need to know is discreetly embroidering on the go, short and effective descriptions as you pass along the essential objects or elements of the scene, with the possibility to look directly at some of them and continue on.
search of the meaning of life itself
A quality element of the set atmosphere will also include a few flashbacks inputs that are represented by shorter vignettes from the lives of an unhappy couple, as well as aging and physically changing the protagonist as the game moves, which further enhances the emotional state through which the hero passes.

The Way also unexpectedly shines, in a way that is very rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking some of the time spent doing the best that the Amiga scene could offer. The Way is focused on the adventurous problem solving, with the array of logical challenges that all work perfectly well and harmoniously as a whole.
Inspired by Éric Chahi's masterpieces
An initial level that takes place in a cosmodrome base, in which you need to figure out how to prepare and steal the space shuttle, make a smile on the face of every fan of the game. In addition to visiting the foreign world, and the beast that will hurl you in one part of the game, Flashback’s impact is visible through the visual character of the game, shorter animations and inserts, certain abilities to use.

You can activate individual switches and buttons when you are close to them, an energy shield with a limited duration to defend and deflect laser beams and fire by security drones and robots, a teleport that returns you to a predefined location, and the ability to tele-kinetically manipulate and move individual elements of the scene in order to achieve a certain goal.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Download for PC

download it for pc

download it for pc
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been brought to perfection when you start to make a move, breast fights are brought to perfection. You are in the city of Glass, which is completely open to exploring, jumping over the terraces. The display of a sterile future with no spirit and will for life, in which the elite alone has a real right to something, while all the others live like sheep, the authors have been brazenly successful.
fight your way to freedom
From dirty streets to the tops of buildings and terraces in the rich part of the city, everything is a clear allegory to the state of society. All of your skills are now improving, you will enjoy the use of a remote hook and some other aids that will allow you to pass through a section.

Full PC version, download it here

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Breastbust fight is brought to a level in which it is perfectly fun and just so challenging that it makes you a little bit. Opponents come in several variants, and for each one there is a certain combo that fastens their lives. Avoidance of shots is your main weapon because it puts you in a tactically better position.
Explore every inch of a vast city
You can push them off and escape them quickly to some hiding place, the feeling of fighting this time is brought to the level of the perfect perfect, and you will really want to rifle and carefully choose the strategy for them. An excellent audio section in combat comes to the fore when you hear how the necks are firing and how your enemies are beautifully kicking you.

The mechanical unit, of course, completes a dizzying run over the vastness of the glass city and, together with the struggle, makes an ultrashort activity. On the contrary, the sense of dynamics in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been brought to perfection. Faith Connors is a giant as a grasshopper and, if necessary, strong as a leopard. A smile on your face will not disturb you any constant concern about whether you will or will not survive the next jump.
leaps from rooftop to rooftop
Like seven years ago, Mirror’s Edge enters your world with your uber-dynamic mechanics and you will not want to leave it at any time. Unlike the first part, here you will have more characters that are almost always there with you through communication networks.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst graphics presentation of the game is – divine. lighting and the whole atmosphere are enchanted at the level we would like to watch animated films. Music is a paradise for the ears and, although there is no hit as the previous game, it will get you under your skin.

Duskers Download PC Game

pc game download

pc game download
Duskers is a roguelle combination of real-time strategy, schematic tactical planning and survival horror is something you have never seen or played before. Gameplay is presented as a stylized MS-DOS industrial simulation that exists in retro futuristic movies like the Eight Traveler.
pilot drones into derelict spaceships
The best Alien game that has nothing to do with the Alien movie series, begins with your awakening from hibernation on a deserted space ship. It surrounds you the perfect silence that interrupts only the blinks on the map of the galaxy that testify about ships and cells that are not dead and dead floating in space.

Duskers PC game, download it here

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Since nobody answers your calls, the minimum of resources you have available makes you desperate: you fly from wrecks to wrecks, search for fuel and other supplies, and try to determine why what happened. Intrusions on massive spaceships will be undertaken remotely, sending drones to investigate for you, carrying everything that can be useful and occasionally suffering from unidentified enemies.
you may need to think of a clever way
Duskers is a game whose charm roots lie in a visual identity and control system that supports exclusively commanding the keyboard. You can route the drones in two basic ways: directly / individually, using the cursor keys, and indirectly, by typing the commands by consulting the chart of the ship on which you are starting. For example, if you type navigate 1 2 r13, you load drones no. 1 and 2 to automatically move to room no. 13, which will do if the path to it is open.

By typing the command collect all while a dron that has a shrinkage module is selected, you will collect scrap in the environment and the like. Each wreck is procedurally generated in addition to useful things: fuel, scrap, caught drones, etc. There is a biological and technological horror there, it’s enemies that will try to destroy the thugs if they show an opportunity.
upgrades, drones, and even ship upgrades
Hides and piles of locked doors, ventilation openings, interface interfaces, pumping stations, defensive torsion systems, unstable decks and other elements that are in charge of absolute uncertainty. Each of your dron has three modules for the modules that depend on the role in the team: the generator serves to power the ship sections, tow for pulling the caught drones, motion is a sensor that detects movement in adjacent rooms, a turret is a ballistic turela that can protect you from minor dangers , the worm is a bait for evil enemy enemies, a pry is a hydraulic pajer for the sealing of sealed doors…

You will never have an arsenal of equipment that is sufficient for all potential situations, but you will have to constantly decide what your equipment is the priority, improvise and make mental breaks between risk and reward, trying to survive in impossible conditions. You will use the collected scrap to repair drones between missions, turret ammunition supplement and other consumable modules, fabricate new drones and accessories for them, and trade with automated stations that exist in some systems.
when you die you lose everything
Death is coming lightly and in the form of stylized red icons that only hint at you and never explicitly show what your throats are attacking. The end is sometimes slow, for example when you are left without fuel for navigating the system and without the cells for a hyperspace jump into another star system. The place will often smack you in the form of a single drone that has useless modules, and you do not have the resources to create another dron or install useful accessories.

The ultimate point of the game is the collection of digital logs that testify to a global catastrophe and assembling the mosaic of the story into a meaningful whole. Duskers is a game for which the bravest players will reflexively defecate. We recommend playing only at night – then it’s the best.

Let’s Play Duskers Introduction

Overwatch Download Code (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

download code for xbox, ps4, pc

download code for xbox, ps4, pc
Overwatch is FPS and can boast of having twenty one characters whose gameplay gives an absolutely unique feeling. In only a week, the game was bought by about seven million people, and after less than a month, the number of active Overwatch players exceeded ten million. Overwatch exudes the freshness and dynamism of the authentic hit, whose basics are easy to learn, but to fully master the game requires a great dedication, a lot of time and an engaging team game.

Here you get Overwatch Activation Code. With which you’ll activate the game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Overwatch technically, it represents a science fiction, but it does not work as a gritty spejs opera such as Starcraft, but about a brighter, cheerful environment, sensibly closer to the future of the Earth. The game abounds with the Blizzard level of clichés and references to pop culture in the best possible sense. This is a shootout in which there are no classes than heroes!
Battle over objectives
Overwatch can boast of the fact that there are twenty heroic games in the game, divided into four categories: hard-armored, support, attackers and defense. Each of them has a specific relationship of offensive and defensive characteristics and skills that directly defines how the hero is ideally used during the battle and synergy with other characters, the most influential of which is performance in any clash.

You do not have to spend hours exercising every hero before you engage in serious fights. It’s enough to understand the basics of one or two heroes in each of the four categories and you are quite ready for a team game. You can change the heroes during the match, which will speed up the tryout of the hero and the quest for the one that suits you most. Knowing as many characters as possible is important in moments when your team is not doing the best and need to take another hero, or as a direct counter to a particular opponent’s hero.

The battles of two teams of six players take place on twelve maps, or three for each of the four modes. Assault is a mode in which you need to win two checkpoints. If the attackers win the first point, their clutch changes, the timer is extended and the attack begins to the final point. The official name of Overwatch’s payload mode is Escort.

One team pushes the wheelchair with their presence, that is, the carts go slowly back to the last convoy, unless there is one of the attackers in their vicinity. A hybrid between these two modes is called an assault / escort and it is first necessary to win a payload like a punctuation in the assault, and then flip it to the goal as in the escort. Control is the last mode added and it’s about the mode of capture and hold mode. It is played in two rounds, and in each round, teams compete over the dominance over one point that must be won.

Overwatch has no progression that would give you any measurable advantage on the battlefield or make one of your heroes stronger. While playing Overwatch, you practice your favorite heroes, gaining experience by which you slowly raise the levels of your task. Levels do not make your heroes stronger, but give you other advantages. The high level next to your name tells your teammates how much time you spent with Overwatch, but that a high level does not mean it’s not noob.

For each level you receive a reward package with four cosmetic items. These can be opponents, winning or intro poses, spray templates that tag walls into folders, new audio replicas and skins for characters. The packages you receive contain randomly generated objects, each level brings with it uncertainty whether this time you will be lucky to get some of the skins you want for your favorite characters.

Some of these cosmetic supplements can be unlocked with achievements. Farming cosmetics is just a small additional motivator, not the main reason for playing. High-acceleration action rewards itself and an unstoppable generator of the desire to return to playing. Overwatch has an eye-catching cartoon-like design and almost universal accessibility to players of the widest profile.

Moonstone Tavern Download for PC

full game download no steam

full game download no steam
Moonstone Tavern is an RPG adventure in a fantasy environment, you are in the role of a host owner in which you have to supply material and money. Every fantasy game, traditionally has one tavern, a place where adventurers gather, where they drink wine or honey, where they can find out the latest gossip, meet various characters of a suspicious character. The place from where every adventure is most often begins.
Repair, renovate
The management of cottages and lodging is just the point of the whole story, but it was done in the spirit of old RPGs. After the initial selection of the appearance of the character class, you start the game by going out of the portal. Here you are welcomed by an unusual cat that speaks and who briefly informs you that your aunt has died and that you have inherited the once famous Moonstone tavern.

PC game (no steam), download it here

download button

The mackerel is abandoned and needs to be repaired and edited, and your task is to go to the exploration of the environment, solve the quest, collect any plants and items found by the way, in different ways make money and fix one thing in the ruined building and its surroundings.
Build specialist rooms
Any new improvement will bring you more guests, improve your reputation and, therefore, increase your revenue in the long run. You will soon realize that the gameplay is actually down to walking on one of the same or very similar maps, and killing a monster. Much more time is spent on adventuring, than on running the tavern itself.

Most often, you will run between the hut and the city, by killing monsters and collecting any crafting materials, in order to collect several meals for your guests and ammunition for your wand. In the crème, the most important thing is that you always have ready meals because you make the most money on food. Meat is bought in a nearby town, and the other ingredients are collecting maps, it’s possible to buy ready-made meals, so you’ll probably only have to do it after a while so that you do not waste time.
weapons, armours, potions, scrolls
As far as the tile itself is concerned, almost all parts of the building require some kind of work: the pipes are slippery and you have bars on the floors, some rooms are dysfunctional, others need to be beautified, the basement is curtailed, the surrounding buildings and stables should be re-arranged … All this costs , and the money is initially small and you will want to spend it faster than you can earn.

Various types of visitors come to the tavern: adventurers from whom you can hear rumors about geniuses and hidden treasures, helpful characters like priests or chefs and collectors that you can rent to perform various daily tasks for you, and even heroes that are needed again special huts. Moonstone Tavern looks very nice at all. He plays on the map of the retro forest, so everything is adapted to him: a squared, colorful, cheerful.